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May 18, 2012

The World This Week

Despite Success, NATO Faces Challenges Behind the Scenes

Stewart M. Patrick

NATO's military intervention in Libya can be seen as a moment of triumph for the alliance, but behind the scenes, the picture is less rosy. Three items will dominate the official agenda in Chicago: navigating a tricky endgame in Afghanistan, implementing NATO's new "smart defense" doctrine, and bolstering the alliance's global partnerships. Read the Expert Brief »

How NATO Can Remain Relevant

Xenia Dormandy, Memduh Karakulluk├žu, Oded Eran, Igor Yurgens

As NATO's mission continues to redefine itself, four international experts discuss what the alliance can do to remain relevant as a force for international peace and security. Read the Expert Roundup »

The G8 Summit

G8 Still Has an Important Role to Play

C. Randall Henning

While African food security is slated to be at the top of the agenda, the eurozone crisis is likely to dominate the group's discussions. The G8 can lay the groundwork for next month's G20 summit in Mexico by developing a consensus for how the rest of the world will participate in the rescue packages for the eurozone. Read the interview »

On the Agenda at Camp David

Terra Lawson-Remer

The G8 meeting will focus on food security, advancing political transitions in the Middle East and North Africa, and the question of growth versus austerity. The debate over solutions to the eurozone crisis will largely shift to the G20 forum. Watch the video »

The Eurozone in Crisis

Once seen as a crowning achievement in the decades-long path of European integration, the eurozone is facing a sovereign debt crisis of nations whose membership in the currency union has been poorly policed. Read the Backgrounder »


Ensure the Safety of the World’s Drugs, Vaccines, and Medicines

Laurie Garrett

The G8 and G20 states should take steps to combat the growing problem of counterfeit and substandard medicines and ensure the reliability of the world's drug and vaccine supply. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

Fighting Fraud in the Global Medicine Supply Chain

Tim K. Mackey, Bryan A. Liang, and Thomas T. Kubic

As much as fifteen percent of the medicine in circulation around the world is counterfeit. Selling these drugs is a crime, and it is time for the UN, Interpol, and the World Health Organization to start treating it like one. Read this Snapshot on »

The World Ahead

What Does the United States Really Have to Fear?

Micah Zenko

The United States is much safer than politicians and government officials would lead the public to believe. Cutting military spending should not incite such anxiety, when even international terrorism does not qualify as a real threat to the existence or freedom of the United States. Watch the video on »

Moving Forward on Visa Policy

Edward Alden

The United States needs a broader package of legislation that includes expanding the Visa Waiver Program and encouraging more efficient visa security screening. Read the testimony »

Entrepreneurship in Postconflict Zones

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Though investment in entrepreneurs is not a silver bullet for development, economic growth and job creation stimulated by small and medium-sized enterprises can foster stability and help curb conflict in fragile states. Read the Working Paper »

Domestic Focus for Israel's Coalition

Robert M. Danin

Benjamin Netanyahu's agreement with the Kadima Party reflects a public more concerned about economic and social issues than whether to strike Iran. Read the interview »

The Domestic Underpinnings of U.S. Global Power

CFR's new "Renewing America" blog explores the domestic challenges—such as national debt, trade, and failing infrastructure—that have consequences for U.S. national security. Join the conversation

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May 18 - 19: G8 Summit, Camp David
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May 20 - 21: NATO Summit, Chicago
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May 23: Presidential Election, Egypt
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Europe: Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop: Willem Buiter, Chief Economist at Citigroup, discussed at a CFR meeting the current and future challenges of the eurozone, including Spain's current debt situation, the role of the European Central Bank, and the possible exit of Greece from the eurozone. Read the transcript


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