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May 25, 2012

The World This Week

Despite Challenges, Promise of Tahrir Square Remains

Steven A. Cook

As Egyptians participated in their first free presidential election, the political dynamics of the country have changed radically. Egyptian politics operate under a set of entirely new principles indicating that whoever is elected president, the age of the pharaoh is finally and clearly over. Read the Expert Brief »

Run-Off Likely Between Brotherhood and the Military

Isobel Coleman

As results come in, it seems that the election will boil down to a run-off between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military. This will pit two very different visions of the country against each other. The next month of campaigning will be more partisan and divisive than before. Read more on Democracy in Development »

What the Presidential Elections Mean for the Egyptian People

Robert M. Danin

Egyptian and U.S. experts share their reflections on the historical significance of the elections. Read the responses on Middle East Matters »


Chicago Laid the Foundation for a Strong Alliance

Ivo H. Daalder

The U.S. permanent representative to NATO discussed the outcomes of the Chicago summit, arguing that the alliance is relevant to addressing the challenges that exist on Afghanistan, missile defense, and intelligence gathering. Read the transcript from the Foreign Affairs breaking news call »

Moving Past Afghanistan

Charles A. Kupchan

The Chicago summit attempted to map a new NATO agenda, but instability in Afghanistan and the European fiscal crisis still cloud the alliance's path. Read the First Take »

What Happened to Obama’s Pivot From Europe to Asia?

Leslie H. Gelb

Europe, along with Japan, Australia, Canada, and Israel, should remain the rock of U.S. national-security strategy, even as the Obama administration continues to move U.S. security resources to an uncertain Asia. Read the op-ed »


Reinventing the World Health Organization

Thomas J. Bollyky

The World Health Assembly in Geneva this week needs to do more to define a workable mission for the struggling World Health Organization. Without a commitment to bold reform and greater efficiency, the future looks bleak for the go-to international agency on public health. Read the Expert Brief »

The World Ahead

Iran Is Prepared for Sanctions' Impact

Hassan Hakimian

Talks in Baghdad reflect Iran's new willingness to discuss its nuclear program, but sanctions may not sting enough to make it change course. Read the interview »

Yemen Faces Mounting Al-Qaeda Problem

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has become the most dangerous al-Qaeda affiliate and is attempting to exploit the ongoing political unrest in Yemen. Read the Backgrounder »

Eurozone Debt Contagion Could Undermine U.S. Economy

Richard H. Clarida

The unraveling of the eurozone would have a serious indirect impact on the U.S. financial system by repricing risk upward while pushing stocks down. As the U.S. dollar rises and the euro falls, the United States faces the possibility of a "headwind to exports." Read the interview »

Cameron Is Consigning the U.K. to Stagnation

Martin Wolf

The Cameron government's reluctance to take advantage of extraordinarily cheap borrowing costs risks permanent damage to the British economy and society. Read the op-ed »

Tracking Progress on the Protection of Human Rights

Although the concept of human rights is abstract, how it is applied has a direct and enormous impact on daily life worldwide. A CFR multimedia guide tracks how the international community seeks to promote and guard human rights. View the "Global Governance Monitor"

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