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June 8, 2012

The World This Week

Syria's Struggle Is About Power

Vali R. Nasr

The conflict in Syria is less about democratic reforms and more about redistributing power along sectarian and ethnic lines. Read the interview »

The Rift Widens in U.S.-Pakistan Ties

Daniel Markey

The U.S. drone attack that killed al-Qaeda deputy Abu Yahya al-Libi in Pakistan underscores a rift between the two countries that has been growing since the killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil. Read the interview »


Options for Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Elliott Abrams, Robert D. Blackwill, Robert M. Danin, Richard A. Falkenrath, Matthew Kroenig, Meghan L. O'Sullivan, and Ray Takeyh

As talks with Iran resume this week over disputed nuclear facilities, a new CFR ebook on the crisis traces the history of the controversy and Iran's motivations. Purchase the ebook »

What Do We Know About Iran's Nuclear Challenge?

Ray Takeyh

U.S. intelligence services have asserted there is no evidence that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has made the final decision to construct nuclear weapons, but it is clear that he is accumulating the necessary resources and technologies that will provide him with that option. Read the excerpt »

Controversy at the IAEA-Iran Talks

Michael A. Levi

The key focus of discussions between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency will be on whether Iran provides nuclear inspectors with access to the Parchin military complex, suspected of being used to develop parts of a nuclear weapon. Watch the video »


Justice and Revenge Denied in Mubarak Trial

Steven A. Cook

When former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was given a life sentence last weekend, justice was not served. The political system in Egypt has not been overthrown and replaced, only the head of state has been deposed along with a select number of courtiers. Read more on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

Egypt Rings in the Old

Jon B. Alterman

The first round of presidential elections in Egypt pushed the revolutionary and populist candidates out of the running. The only options left are representatives of the old order–the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, which have been battling for power for more than half a century. Read the Snapshot »

The World Ahead

How Many Civilians Are Killed by U.S. Drones?

Micah Zenko

U.S. citizens should be skeptical of any numerical estimates or soothing words from the Obama administration about targeted killings. Read more on Politics, Power and Preventive Action »

Much Remains Uncertain Over Cyberspace Control

Adam Segal

Fresh leaks about U.S. cyber warfare plans will likely intensify debate over global Internet governance but yield few answers on the use of cyber arms. While the risk of blowback, at least from state actors, is overstated, there is still little positive that comes from the leaks. Read the blog post on Asia Unbound »

A Stronger Democracy Will Help Mexico

Shannon K. O'Neil

After voting the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) out twelve years ago, the country looks poised to bring it back. Whether the PRI is a new version of its old self is less important than the fact that Mexico's democratic institutions will hem in the next president, regardless of party or personal preferences. Read the Snapshot on »

Fighting U.S. Unemployment Through Entrepreneurship

In the face of persistently high unemployment, policymakers and workers look to innovation and entrepreneurship to create new jobs. Proponents argue the JOBS Act will encourage entrepreneurship by reducing regulations for young firms and expanding their financing options, while opponents are wary of potential harm to investors. Read the Backgrounder »

Interactive Guide Weighs Risks Posed by Iran's Regime

"Crisis Guide: Iran," the latest multimedia feature in CFR's Emmy Award-winning series, uses expert interviews, interactive timelines, graphs, and images to trace Iran's history and survey its nuclear program. View the Guide

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June 8: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Meets With United Nations Envoy Kofi Annan to Discuss Syria
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June 13: U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, Washington, DC
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