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June 15, 2012

The World This Week

The Fate of the Monetary Union Lies in Germany’s Hands

Sebastian Mallaby

If the eurozone splinters, it will have been an avoidable disaster. The European Central Bank has already gone to great lengths to shore up the continent's financial system. Now, the choice lies with Germany, which can save the monetary union if it allows for policies aimed at debt relief and growth, not just slashing deficits. Read more in Foreign Affairs »

What Is at Stake in Greece's Parliamentary Elections?

Greek elections this weekend will likely determine whether Greece stays in the eurozone. The outcome may also foretell whether the eurozone's two-year-old sovereign debt crisis will plunge the single-currency union–and perhaps the global economy–back into a full recession. Read the Backgrounder »

G20 Summit Overshadowed by Euro Crisis

James A. Haley, Andres Rozental, Lars Brozus, Maria Monica Wihardja

The eurozone crisis is expected to dominate the G20 summit in Mexico on June 18-19. The summit's agenda includes bolstering the group's relevance, stabilization and structural reforms in Europe, strengthening financial regulation, and more. Read the Expert Roundup »


Revolutionary Promise of Tahrir Square Is Slipping Away

Isobel Coleman, Steven A. Cook

Egypt's high court ruled that former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq can run for president against the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi, suggesting that Egypt's players have been outmaneuvered by the military. The Egyptian people have become disillusioned by the process. Read the transcript from the breaking news call »

Egypt's Revolution Finds Itself on the Defensive

Steven A. Cook

Following the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court's decision to dissolve parliament, Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq are set to compete in a runoff presidential election. The decision, although based in law, was a political decision, and an effort to throw the election in favor of Shafiq. Watch the video »

Portents and Promise Reflected in Egypt’s Elections

Isobel Coleman

While the general election last month was an exciting contest between personalities and competing visions of Egypt's future, the runoff has become an increasingly bitter and partisan referendum between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood. Read more on Democracy in Development »


Pressures Mount for the U.S. Economy

A. Michael Spence

Policy inertia in Washington has heightened threats to the economy from unemployment, the eurozone crisis, and other global pressures. Read the interview »

Europe Knows There's Little Time to Act on the Crisis

Timothy F. Geithner

Europe is in the next stage of a major escalation in its strategy to make the euro work and contain the crisis by creating a banking union, building a stronger bailout fund, and spurring growth. Read the CFR meeting transcript »

The World Ahead

The Road to Nowhere

Edward Alden

Americans have a golden opportunity to rebuild their crumbling transportation infrastructure, details a new CFR report. But congressional squabbling, backed by public ambivalence, could doom this chance. Read the blog post and view the graphic on Renewing America »

U.S. Should Approve Law of the Sea Convention

John B. Bellinger III

The Law of the Sea Convention is beneficial to the United States military, especially during a time of armed conflict, because it provides clear treaty-based navigational rights for the Navy, Coast Guard, and aircraft. Read the testimony »

Iraq's Future Is a Question Mark

Ned Parker

Ongoing violence and corruption in Iraq since the U.S. military pullout could augur a return to full-on sectarian strife and continued poor governance. Read the interview »

The World Next Week: Egypt Votes, Iran Talks, and G20 Leaders Gather

Each week, editor Robert McMahon and Director of Studies James M. Lindsay preview world events in the week ahead. This week, they discuss the Egyptian presidential run-off election, the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran, and the start of the G20 and Rio+20 summits. Subscribe to the Podcast

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June 16 - 17: Presidential Election Runoff, Egypt
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