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Council on Foreign Relations Publications Quarterly
Spring/Summer 2012

New Ebook on Iran's Nuclear Program

In what may be the clearest picture of Iran's nuclear program to date, CFR scholars map the objectives, tools, and strategies for dealing with one of the most vexing issues facing the United States and global community today.

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"Perhaps the most comprehensive and nuanced analysis of how we should think about Iran's nuclear program."
-- Former National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley

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Schooling Makes U.S. Safer

The United States' failure to educate its students leaves them unprepared to compete and threatens the country's ability to thrive in a global economy and maintain its leadership role, asserts this Independent Task Force.

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Turkey: Rising U.S. Ally

The leaders of the United States and Turkey should forge a new strategic partnership that reflects not only common interests, but also Turkey's new stature as an economically and politically successful country with a unique role to play in a changing Middle East, says this Task Force report.

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Road to Nowhere

The first installment of the Renewing America Progress Report and Scorecards series provides a critical assessment of federal transportation policy, including background on major policy initiatives and analysis of what's needed to start moving forward. View the Report and Scorecard »

More from the Renewing America Publication series:

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Central America's Violent Crime

Inter-American Dialogue president Michael Shifter assesses the causes and consequences of the violence faced by several Central American countries and examines the national, regional, and international efforts intended to curb its worst effects.

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The Universal Health Coverage Moment

Most countries in the world have moved toward provision of systems of universal health coverage, enhancing affordability and access to medical care. Five global health experts discuss this rise in support for universal coverage and the financial benefits of its implementation.

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Armed Clash in the South China Sea

Bonnie Glaser of the Center for Strategic and International Studies discusses the significant risk of conflict in the South China Sea and how the United States can avoid involvement in an armed clash.

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What It Will Take to Secure Afghanistan

The year 2014 promises to be a defining one for Afghanistan. CFR Senior Fellow Max Boot recommends seven specific steps the United States can take to secure the country's future and prevent the reemergence of Taliban rule. Read This Policy Innovation Memorandum »

More Policy Innovation Memoranda:

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The UN's Human Rights Agenda

Suzanne Nossel, former deputy assistant secretary of state for international organizations, discusses how U.S. engagement with the UN Human Rights Council has improved the body and offers recommendations for sustaining and building upon this positive momentum.

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Promoting Entrepreneurship in Postconflict Societies

Though investment in entrepreneurs is not a silver bullet for development, economic growth and job creation stimulated by small and medium-sized enterprises can foster stability and help curb conflict in fragile states, writes Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.

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Incentive-based Tobacco Control

Successful implementation and enforcement of tobacco-control programs has proven elusive in many parts of the developing world. CFR's Thomas Bollyky and Amanda Glassman of the Center for Global Development propose applying Cash-on-Delivery Aid as a new incentive mechanism for tobacco control in low- and middle-income countries.

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