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Council on Foreign Relations Women and Foreign Policy Update
June 2012

Making Every Development Dollar Count

Doing Business in Postconflict Zones

CFR Fellow Gayle Tzemach Lemmon and Research Associate Ashley Harden write about the CFR Working Paper Entrepreneurship in Postconflict Zones, arguing that "For those promoting peace and prosperity, supporting entrepreneurship and smart investments in the growth of small and medium sized enterprises, should be a vital component of any reconstruction strategy." Read more »

Worth the Price

In her CFR blog, Fellow Shannon O'Neil examines the reach and cost effectiveness of conditional cash transfers to poor families in Latin America for reducing poverty and inequality, particularly among women. Read More on Latin America's Moment »

Malawi's First Female President and Her Plan for Economic Development

CFR Senior Fellow Isobel Coleman reviews the bold economic reforms of Malawi's newest president, Joyce Banda. Read More on the CFR Blog Democracy in Development »

What's Next for Women's Rights

The Saudi Transition and Women’s Right to Drive

Coleman blogs about the Saudi political transition and the campaign for women's right to drive in the country, writing that with Crown Prince Nayef now gone, "there is some speculation, and hope, that his successor might take a more reformist approach—not only with women's rights, but also on a range of issues." Read More »

Sakena Yacoobi’s Courage and the Future for Afghanistan's Women

As the international community reduces its presence in Afghanistan, Sakena Yacoobi—whose work as the founder of the Afghan Institute of Learning has improved the lives 4.6 million Afghans through the institute's education and health services—discusses her fears about a reversal of women's gains with Coleman. Read More on Democracy in Development »

Myths Vs. Realities of Sexual Violence

Preventing Sexual Violence

CFR Fellow Micah Zenko asks several experts to discuss the truth about sexual violence and war, with Dara Kay Cohen of Harvard and Elisabeth Jean Wood of Yale arguing that sexual violence is more than just a women's problem. Read More on Politics, Power, and Preventive Action »

Fighting Mad

Human rights expert Anne Phillips examines gender-based violence and women's empowerment in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in an exposé on former female combatant "Athena." Read More on »

Gender in the Workplace

"I'm Not Your Wife!"

Lemmon discusses a study on sexism that reveals that men may be subconsciously looking at their female coworkers through the lenses of their own marriages. Read more »

Double Standards

In a response to the Atlantic article "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," by former State Department director of policy planning Anne-Marie Slaughter, Zenko agrees that it "is needlessly difficult for women to simultaneously advance professionally and raise a family" in America. Read More on Politics, Power, and Preventive Action »

Baby Gap

In an article on, National Defense University professor Steven Philip Kramer argues that the solution to reversing population and workforce decline in developing countries is for governments to "adopt the right kinds of pronatalist policies. This means making available high-quality and affordable child care, offering families financial support, and supporting mothers who pursue careers." Read More »



CFR's Women and Foreign Policy program works with leading scholars to analyze how elevating the status of women and girls advances U.S. foreign policy objectives and to bring the status of women into the mainstream foreign policy debate. Among its areas of focus are global health and education, the role of women in peacekeeping, and women’s economic participation.

Rachel Vogelstein
Director and Senior Fellow, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

Catherine Powell
Fellow, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Senior Fellow, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

Hannah Chartoff
Research Associate, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

Valerie Wirtschafter
Research Associate, Women and
Foreign Policy Program


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