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June 29, 2012

The World This Week

SCOTUS Decision Aligns Health Care with Foreign Policy

Laurie Garrett

The Supreme Court's ruling on the U.S. health-care law opens the possibility that the United States may begin to implement domestic policies that foreign aid agencies and the Department of Defense have long supported. Read the First Take »

Selling Putin's Mideast Policy

Stephen Sestanovich

Vladimir Putin's Middle East trip this week was an effort to explain his policies on Iran and Syria. This is a time of perplexity for Russian policymakers in the Middle East, because they ought to have more influence than ever before, and yet find themselves criticized on all sides. Read the interview »

Mexico's Election

What to Expect

Shannon K. O'Neil

Mexicans head to the polls on July 1 to vote in a presidential election that looks likely to return to power the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party. The new president must accelerate a slow but stable economy and will inherit a violent drug war. Read the interview »

Cooperation With Washington Will Get Complicated

Pamela K. Starr

In recent years, U.S.-Mexico security cooperation has been effective. But each of the candidates has promised to shift the country's focus from stopping the drug trade to fighting crime, which will not sit well with Washington. Read more on »

Follow U.S.-Mexico Relations Since 1810

This three-part timeline looks at the history of U.S.-Mexico relations from Mexican independence to the present. View the interactive »


What Does Morsi's Win Means for the United States?

Robert M. Danin

Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, faces an ongoing struggle with the military, but the United States must proceed carefully because of the high stakes in Egypt. Read the interview »

Three Myths About the Muslim Brotherhood

Steven A. Cook

The Muslim Brotherhood is now in control of the Egyptian presidency. The race was close and there are Egyptians fearful about their future, but there has been so much mythmaking about the Muslim Brotherhood; it is worth debunking a few. Read more on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

The World Ahead

U.S. Must Remain Committed to Afghanistan

Max Boot

The United States has the ability to affect Afghanistan's new era if it makes a sustained commitment to maintain security, improve the political process, and reduce Pakistani interference so as to build on the tenuous gains achieved by the U.S. troop surge since 2010. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

U.S. Needs a “Languages for Jobs” Initiative

Terrence G. Wiley, Sarah Catherine Moore, Margaret S. Fee

In an era when the growing export markets are increasingly in countries that are not English-speaking, the United States needs a federal initiative to reverse the decline in foreign language education and promote the instruction of market-relevant foreign languages in U.S. schools. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

Transnational Organized Crime an Obstacle to Development

Stewart M. Patrick

Despite the devastating effects of crime on developing countries, efforts to combat transnational organized crime remain in their infancy. Both national governments and international institutions need to prioritize cooperation between development and anticrime initiatives. Read the blog post »

Prime Minister Noda Faces Divided Party

Sheila A. Smith

This week, Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda succeeded in passing his legislative initiative on consumption tax and social security reform by a vote of 393 to 96. But it was Noda's ability to gain the cooperation of his opposition in parliament that made it possible. Read more on Asia Unbound »

Your Guide to Foreign Policy in the U.S. Election

The Candidates and the World blog is a timely guide to the national security and foreign policy dimensions of the 2012 presidential race. Join the Conversation

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