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July 6, 2012

The World This Week

The Iran Nuclear Talks Impasse

Michael A. Levi

This week's latest round of Iran talks seems to have done little to reconcile the two sides on the country's nuclear position. Read the Interview »

The Turkish Paradox

Michael J. Koplow, Steven A. Cook

Since Recep Tayyip Erdogan took power, the world has watched closely to see if Turkey would become more democratic or autocratic. Yet it is doing both simultaneously, and the incongruity is threatening its international standing. Read More on »

Plotting a Course for Syrian Peace

Despite a new international agreement for power transition, a cease-fire is still in doubt. Read the Issue Guide »

Egypt After the Election

Morsi Faces Difficult Balancing Act Ahead

Daniel Brumberg

Egypt's newly sworn in president, Mohamed Morsi, will have to tackle everything from setting a rocky economy back on course to placating a powerful military. Read the Interview »

Significant Economic Obstacles Remain

Isobel Coleman

Morsi's election means that Egypt can begin making headway on its economic challenges, as greater political certainty should open the country up to investment, donor funds, and tourism. Read More on Democracy in Development »

The Tenuous Road to Democracy

In the wake of Egypt's tightly contested presidential election, this Issue Guide provides resources on the country's evolving political situation as the civilian leadership faces a growing power struggle with the military. Read more »


Renewed Fears of an Authoritarian Government in Mexico

Shannon K. O'Neil

Twelve years after being voted out of power, Enrique Peña Nieto and the Institutional Revolutionary Party are coming back to power. While many fear the return of an authoritarian style government, Mexico's institutions can withstand the assault. Read More on Latin America's Moment »

U.S.-Mexico Cooperation Will Continue, Despite Contention

James M. Lindsay

Any effort Peña Nieto makes to compel Washington to move on the issues that matter to Mexico will founder over a simple reality: Mexico City has little leverage over Washington. Read More on The Water's Edge »

The World Ahead

Drone Strikes in Yemen Don't Drive al Qaeda Recruitment

Christopher Swift

Critics argue that U.S. drone strikes are driving al Qaeda's recruiting. But as much as the terrorist network plays up civilian casualties and U.S. intervention in its propaganda videos, economic distress, not resentment of U.S. strikes, is pushing Yemenis into the insurgency. Read More on »

Can Brazil Have It All in South America?

Julia E. Sweig

After the ouster of Paraguay's president, the ensuing political crisis is Brazil's—not the United States'—problem to solve.  Read more »

Land Distribution Another Injustice in South Africa

John Campbell

No South African leader since the establishment of "non-racial democracy" has chosen to accelerate land reform. But, for the poor in the townships or in rural settlements, land distribution is yet another injustice Jacob Zuma's government has failed to address. Read More on Africa in Transition »

“Iceland’s Post-Crisis Miracle” Revisited

Center for Geoeconomic Studies

Paul Krugman's claim that Iceland's economy "miraculously" recovered from the 2008 financial crisis is based on flawed analysis. View the Geo-Graphic »

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