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July 13, 2012

The World This Week

U.S. Sends Strategic Signals in Southeast Asia

Joshua Kurlantzick

The steady U.S. presence at Asian meetings—like the upcoming ASEAN ministerial—reinforces its ties to countries in China's shadow. Read more »

Clinton Witnesses China's Influence in Laos

Elizabeth Economy

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Laos, which relies heavily on China for infrastructure and technical assistance, signals that the country and its neighbors are trying to balance China against the United States. Read More on Asia Unbound »

Beware Old Troubles in the New Egypt

Richard N. Haass

It is possible that Egypt's military and the Muslim Brotherhood will agree on some necessary reforms, but at some point the Brotherhood will tire of the imbalance of real power and force a showdown. Read more »

Libor Scandal

Three Things to Know

Sebastian Mallaby

Ongoing investigations into Barclays' fraudulent Libor submissions highlights critical lessons about conflicts of interest, pressures on regulators, and banks that are too big to fail. Watch the Video »

What Libor Manipulation Means for Global Markets


Barclays' admission that it deliberately understated interest rates suggests grievous flaws in the widespread process of using Libor as a benchmark off which to price commercial loans, mortgages, and other forms of lending. Read More on Geo-Graphics »

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

As controversies over too-big-to-fail financial institutions continue to mount, the Basel Accords represent the latest effort to ease risk and restore confidence. Read the Backgrounder »


Libya's Election Milestone

Isobel Coleman

This weekend's successful nationwide elections are a major first step in a long process of building new political and civic institutions. Read the First Take »

Taliban Execution Causes Outraged Activists to Mobilize

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Women's rights activists marching in Kabul to protest the videotaped execution of a young woman, apparently by the Taliban, say the killing shows the Taliban has not changed—and is a harbinger of what's to come if they return to power. Read more »

The World Ahead

Egypt's Tense Political Standoff

Shadi Hamid

Hillary Clinton's upcoming trip highlights the diplomatic challenges ahead with Egypt as President Mohammed Morsi and the military struggle for power. Read the Interview »

Tax Breaks No Silver Bullet for U.S. Voters

Ahead of the November election, President Barack Obama is increasing his campaign trail focus on taxes, but analysts say the change is unlikely to help the U.S. economy or the president's reelection bid. Read More on Candidates and the World »

China Is Losing the "Soft Power" Campaign

Jerome A. Cohen

By systematically undermining an accused person's right to effective counsel, as and when it is deemed necessary, China is only harming its own efforts to win foreign admirers. Read more »

Will Iran Crack?

Meghan L. O'Sullivan

There are reasons to be optimistic that current sanctions will deliver, but economic pain cannot be the sole pressure point on Iran. Read more »

Outsourcing Debate Lacks Context

Edward Alden

While outsourcing by multinational corporations poses a huge challenge to the United States, two recent Washington Post stories misinform the conversation about one of the most important issues confronting the U.S. economy. Read More on Renewing America »

Get a Multimedia Look at Transnational Crime

A new interactive guide uses images, video, and maps to track transnational crime, from money-laundering, to human trafficking, to illicit markets. View the Global Governance Monitor

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July 14 - 16: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Visit Egypt
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July 19: United Nations Security Council to Debate Syria, Libya and Ivory Coast
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July 19: Presidential Election, India
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