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Council on Foreign Relations Women and Foreign Policy Update
August 30, 2012

Breaking Barriers Through Sports

Female Trailblazers at the London Olympics

In a blog post before the games, CFR Senior Fellow Isobel Coleman noted, "This is the summer of the female Olympian... for the first time, every nation competing will have a woman on its team, [and the] United States is sending more women than men to compete in the games." Read the Post on Democracy in Development »

A First for Saudi Women at the Olympics

While taking into account the difficulties that Saudi women confronted at the Olympics, Coleman remarked, "I have to believe that [women's participation] will help build some momentum back home for allowing young girls to participate in sports at school." Read the Post on Democracy in Development »

Governance Matters

Legal Empowerment, Governance, and Development

CFR Fellow Terra Lawson-Remer says that programs working to give poor rural landholders a voice in government help to ensure that vulnerable groups, especially women, are not pushed off their land. Read the Post on the Development Channel »

Gender Equality Matters for Development Outcomes

Lawson-Remer notes that "a substantial body of research now suggests that gender equity and the achievement of other development goals, such as health, education, social and economic rights fulfillment, and even growth, are inseparable." Read the Post on the Development Channel »

Congressional Holdup on Human Trafficking

Research associate Emma Welch argues that Congress could show real leadership in the fight against human trafficking by voting to reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Read the Post on Power, Politics, and Preventive Action »

Women of the Arab Spring

Women, Free Speech, and the Tunisian Constitution

Coleman says that recent battles in Tunisia over women's rights and freedom of speech highlight tensions over the role of religion in Tunisian society. Read the Post on Democracy in Development »

Yemen’s Women Still Fighting for Equal Rights

Interviewed by Voice of America on the struggle for women's rights in Yemen, Coleman argues that women have put their demands squarely on the national political agenda, but that they have a long way to go before realizing equality. Read the Article in Voice of America »

Issues and Innovations in Global Economic Development

Interact with CFR experts on the new Development Channel, as they highlight big debates, promising approaches, and new research and thinkers addressing opportunity and exclusion in the global economy. Check Out the Channel.

CFR Fellowship Opportunities

Are you interested in fellowship opportunities at the Council on Foreign Relations? CFR's Fellowship Affairs Office is seeking applicants for four 2013–2014 fellowship competitions. New online application instructions, program details, and eligibility requirements can be found online at

October 1 Deadline: International Affairs Fellowship (IAF); IAF in Japan, sponsored by Hitachi, Ltd.; IAF in South Korea, sponsored by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies

November 1 Deadline: IAF in Nuclear Security, sponsored by the Stanton Foundation



CFR's Women and Foreign Policy program works with leading scholars to analyze how elevating the status of women and girls advances U.S. foreign policy objectives and to bring the status of women into the mainstream foreign policy debate. Among its areas of focus are global health and education, the role of women in peacekeeping, and women’s economic participation.

Rachel Vogelstein
Director and Senior Fellow, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

Catherine Powell
Fellow, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

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Senior Fellow, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

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Research Associate, Women and
Foreign Policy Program

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