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August 3, 2012

The World This Week

U.S. Drought Could Trigger Political Unrest in Developing Countries

Isobel Coleman

Climate conditions across the U.S. farm belt are triggering a rise in global food prices, which is threatening to fuel political unrest in developing countries. Read the interview »

What Is the Fiscal Cliff?

A series of tax increases and spending cuts are due to take effect at the end of 2012 and early 2013. Budget austerity in the midst of a fragile economic recovery has led economists to warn of a double-dip recession in 2013 if Washington fails to intervene. Read the Backgrounder »


Mali Descends Into Chaos

John Campbell

There is still no political settlement in Mali between the military junta that overthrew the constitutional government and an interim civilian government supported by the Economic Community of West African States. Read more on Africa in Transition »

The Coup in Mali Was Only the Beginning

Susanna Wing

The country's flailing economy and the decades-long insurgency in the north set the stage for President TourĂ©'s fall. Mali risks foreign intervention if it does not address average Malians' economic woes and quell the insurgency. Read the Snapshot on Foreign Affairs »


China Not the Only Provocateur in the South China Sea

Joshua Kurlantzick and Bonnie S. Glaser

While China has been the provocateur in the South China Sea in many ways, other countries such as Philippines and Vietnam have been agressive as well. Read the transcript from the breaking news call »

Rough Justice Awaits Gu Kailai

Jerome A. Cohen

China's unfair criminal justice system makes a harsh sentence all but certain for Gu Kailai, the wife of Bo Xilai who is charged with murdering a British businessman. Read the op-ed »

Finding the Silver Linings in China's Slowdown

Patrick Chovanec

China's global investment boom is slowing, which could affect its trading partners. But its economy does not have to be doomed to slow growth. Read the interview »

The World Ahead

The Right Way Out of Afghanistan

Stephen Hadley, John D. Podesta

To leave behind a stable government in 2014, Washington needs to push harder for electoral reforms, negotiations with the Taliban, and a regional settlement involving Pakistan. Read more from Foreign Affairs »

Conspiracy Mongering and Clinton's Trip to Egypt

Steven A. Cook

Secretary Clinton's meetings with Egypt's new president, but not with the opposition, were bound to cause hostility. Read more on the blog »

Debating an End to AIDS

Laurie Garrett

The International AIDS Conference shows that challenges, such as funding and maintaining political will, likely means no short-term end to the epidemic Read the interview »

Interactive Guide Illustrates Risks Posed by Iran’s Regime

"Crisis Guide: Iran," the latest multimedia feature in CFR's Emmy Award-winning series, uses expert interviews, interactive timelines, graphs, and images to trace Iran's history and survey its nuclear program. View the Guide


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