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August 17, 2012

The World This Week

What's at Stake in Putin’s Culture War

Stephen Sestanovich

The trial of a Russian punk band is reflecting the Putin regime's hard-line opinions on political dissent, and how those views are shaping its foreign policy. Read the Interview »

Morsi's Power Grab May Shift Egypt away from the United States

Steven A. Cook

Newly-elected president Mohamed Morsi's sacking of Egypt's top military officials will likely lead to a foreign policy realignment. Read the Snapshot on »

Major Overhaul of U.S. Immigration Laws Is Not Realistic

Edward Alden

Young people brought to the U.S. illegally began applying for protection this week, in a move by U.S. President Barack Obama to advance reform of the U.S. immigration system. But a major overhaul of immigration laws is not realistic in the current political climate.

Paul Ryan on Foreign Policy

A Muscle-Flexing Foreign Policy

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan voices a trade-based American exceptionalism with human rights at its core—an outlook embraced by those on the hawkish end of Republican foreign policy. Read more »

Ryan Is Thoughtful, Handsome and Misguided

Peter R. Orszag

Ryan's policy proposals fall far short of his winning personality. Read more »

Embracing American Exceptionalism

James M. Lindsay

Based on his congressional voting record, Ryan is firmly in the Republican internationalist mainstream—touting American exceptionalism and the benefits of strong U.S. global leadership. Read More on The Water's Edge »


ECB Is Right To Ask For More Eurozone Action

Robert E. Rubin

The European Central Bank would risk losing its credibility and stoking inflation if it did not impose conditionality on its bond-buying program. Read more »

Where do Muslim States Stand on the Syria Question?

Ed Husain

A regional cold war for Muslim hearts and minds will be the backdrop for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's meeting in Mecca this week. Read the Interview »

Nearly Seventy Years after WWII, Asian Nationalisms Flare Up

Sheila A. Smith

Reflecting on sixty-seventh anniversary of the end of WWII, the leaders of Northeast Asian countries must remember to look forward while working to create the path to reconciliation with those who were once enemies. Read More on Asia Unbound »

The World Ahead

How to Reduce the Likelihood of Renewed Conflict in Iraq

Douglas A. Ollivant

Though there have been positive trends in Iraq, the risk of instability remains. This Contingency Planning Memorandum outlines five steps the United States can take to prevent a return to violence. Read more »

The U.S. Economic Recovery in Historical Context

Dinah Walker

Although the U.S. economy continues to expand three years after the recession's end, the current recovery is now the slowest of the postwar period in terms of real GDP growth. View the Chart Book »

A Letter From Rebel-Controlled Syria

Michael Weiss

After nearly 18 months and some 20,000 dead, Western and Arab governments are still debating the pros and cons of intervening in Syria. But inside the country, geopolitics takes a back seat to more exigent considerations, from battling the regime to collecting the trash. Read More on »

The Case for Natural Gas Exports

Michael A. Levi

If the U.S. Energy Department decides to constrain natural-gas exports it could have dangerous reverberations for American trade. Read more »

Rapidly Growing Cities Face Increasing Threat of Natural Disasters

Stewart M. Patrick

By 2050, seventy-five percent of all humanity will live in cities. In the developing world, cities are increasingly at risk of natural disasters, requiring broader global awareness and preparedness initiatives. Read More on The Internationalist »

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August 20 - 31: The United States and South Korea to Stage Joint Military Drill, South Korea
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August 20: Presidential Election, Somalia
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August 22: Russia to Become the 156th Member of the World Trade Organization
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