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August 24, 2012

The World This Week

Afghan Insider Attacks: Three Things to Know

Linda Robinson

The endangerment of U.S. troops calls into question plans for a sustained advisory presence past 2014. Watch the Video »

Threat of Failure in Afghanistan

Stephen Biddle

The United States is undermining the middle-and long-term prospects for settlement by trying to make the war cheaper in the short term. Read the Interview »

Foreign Policy at The Conventions

Timeline: An Interactive Guide to The Conventions

Toni Johnson, Jeremy Sherlick, Hagit Ariav

This multimedia tool maps when major foreign policy issues--including national security threats and global economic concerns dominated the conventions. View the Timeline »

What's On The Foreign Policy Horizon

Bartosz Wisniewski, Andrés Rozental, Sergey Kulik

Three experts weigh in on possible foreign policy themes in the 2012 conventions-- including immigration, U.S.-Russia relations, and the role the United States plays as a major world power. Read the Expert Roundup »

Does Foreign Policy Matter?

Toni Johnson

A historical look at how the role of foreign policy has evolved at national conventions. Read the Backgrounder »


Gu's Trial and China's Rule of Law

Yanzhong Huang

International focus on the murder trial of a Chinese official's wife could have boosted the regime's credibility, but instead highlighted major legal flaws, says CFR's Yanzhong Huang. Read More on Asia Unbound »

Why The U.S. Labor Market Doesn't Work

Sebastian Mallaby

U.S. labor market arrangements, which worked brilliantly for a generation, are no longer adequate. Read More »

Why al-Qaeda is Winning in Syria

Ed Husain

In Syria, with or without Assad, the only certain result will be the presence of al-Qaeda's offshoots. We are yet to grasp the consequences of this reality. Read More »

Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Isobel Coleman

Terrorism is an urgent issue in Yemen, yet the country's precarious humanitarian crisis is increasingly a cause for concern. Rising food prices in particular are pushing more families to the brink of desperation. Read More on Democracy in Development »

The World Ahead

The Rise of Settler Terrorism

Daniel Byman and Natan Sachs

Israeli authorities in the West Bank have long worried about stopping Palestinian terrorism. Now, they need to add a new item to the agenda: stopping radical Jewish settlers who have begun attacking innocent Palestinians and Israeli soldiers alike. Read More on »

A Stormy Road Ahead for Pakistan

Daniel S. Markey

Pakistan-U.S. ties have rebounded, but domestic turmoil and looming leadership transitions should command U.S. attention on this vital terrorist frontline. Read the Expert Brief »

The Eurozone in Crisis

Christopher Alessi, James McBride

The eurozone sovereign debt crisis is entering a critical phase that could determine the fate of the single currency. With some German ministers now openly rejecting further assistance for Greece, speculation about a "Grexit" is once again on the rise. Read the Issue Guide »

Gender Equality Matters for Development Outcomes

Terra Lawson-Remer

New research suggests that societies with greater gender equality achieve higher levels of social and economic rights fulfillment for all members. Read More on the Development Channel »

America The Undertaxed

Andrea Louise Campbell

If it wanted to, the government could raise taxes without crippling growth or productivity. Tax reform is ultimately a political choice and not an economic one--a statement about what sort of society Americans want. Read More on »

Seeking an Immigration Infusion

Steven J. Markovich

Efforts undertaken by Baltimore and other U.S. cities to attract immigrants could be crucial in combating near-term population decline, as long as local leaders can lay the groundwork for economic growth. Read More on Renewing America »

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August 27 - 30: Republican National Convention, Tampa, FL
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August 27 - 29: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to Visit China
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August 30 - 31: Non-Aligned Movement Summit, Iran
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