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September 7, 2012

The World This Week

Critical Phase for Eurozone

The European Central Bank unveiled its plan to buy European leaders more time and lower debt costs, while Greece undergoes new scrutiny by international lenders. This Issue Guide surveys the eurozone debt crisis. Read more »

The Democratic National Convention

What Is Israel's Capital? Democrats Have Trouble Saying

Elliott Abrams

Through party platforms, one can trace the history of America's relationship with Israel. In the past, the parties' platforms have not differed vastly, but the drama over the 2012 Democratic Party platform can only arouse new worries about the direction of U.S policy toward Israel. Read more »

The Candidates on U.S.-Israel Policy

Both presidential candidates vow strong support for Israeli security, but GOP candidate Mitt Romney criticizes the Obama administration for distancing the United States from Israel. Read the Issue Tracker »

Who Are Latinos, and How Will They Vote?

Ray Suarez

Discussions of Latinos in the media and on the campaign trail are warped by ignorance about who they really are and what they really want. A new book seeks to fill the gap with a data-rich portrait of this complex community. Read More on »


How China Distorts U.S.-Asia Pivot

U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton's swing through Asia has been marked by a revelation in Beijing: the source of all China's problems with its neighbors is the United States. Read More on Asia Unbound »

Can ASEAN Ease Island Tensions?

Joshua Kurlantzick

Although U.S. officials are seeking to boost ASEAN's role in resolving South China Sea disputes, the organization remains ineffectual. Read More on Asia Unbound »

The World Ahead

U.S. Global Competitiveness Is Slipping

Edward Alden

According to an annual survey of 15,000 business executive worldwide the United States remains among the most competitive economies in the world, but its ranking has fallen from 5th to 7th overall. Read more »

No End in Sight in Syrian Conflict

The growing likelihood of "a protracted civil war" in Syria does not necessarily warrant Western military intervention, says Assad biographer David Lesch. Read the Interview »

Hacking War Surprisingly Absent in China-Japan Dispute

Adam Segal

Website hacking--a mark of China's past disputes--is notably missing in the current flare-up with Japan over the Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands. Read More on Asia Unbound »

This Week in History

The America First Committee Forms

James M. Lindsay

On September 4, 1940, the America First Committee launched, aiming to prevent U.S. entry into World War II. Though the movement gained great popularity, its campaign against intervention largely failed. Watch the History Lesson »

World Events Calendar

September 8 - 9: APEC Economic Leaders' Summit, Russia
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September 12: German Constitutional Court to Deliver Verdict on Eurozone Fiscal Treaty
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