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September 28, 2012


The Candidates on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

U.S. presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama take different approaches to Israel--while Romney recently visited the country, Obama has never done so as president. Read the Issue Tracker »

United Nations General Assembly

Obama's Free Speech Message

James M. Lindsay

President Obama defended freedom of speech in response to the recent violent protests in the Middle East. On Iran, he reaffirmed this stance, saying "Make no mistake: a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained." Read the First Take »

Iran's Marginal Moment

Ray Takeyh

President Ahmadinejad's final address lacked the bombast of previous speeches and added little to the debate over Iran's nuclear program. Read the First Take »

Abbas, Netanyahu Have Contrasting Future Priorities

Robert M. Danin

In UN speeches this week, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas focused on Palestinian statehood, while Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronted Iran's nuclear ambitions.  Read the First Take »

Syria Is the Elephant in the Room

Stewart M. Patrick

After eighteen months of violence in Syria, inaction by UN member states reveals the body's shortcomings in conflict management. Read More on the Internationalist »


Spain Doubles Down on Austerity

Megan Greene

The center of the eurozone debt crisis has shifted to Spain. The country's spending cuts and tax increases have paved the way for it to request formal financial assistance from the European Union. Read the Interview »

Monti: Europe Must Not Turn Against the Euro

Mario Monti

Italian prime minister Mario Monti urged European leaders to work together to create "stabilization mechanisms for the sovereign debt governments." Watch the Video »


'Huge Uncertainty' in Afghanistan

Max Boot

The Afghan troop surge has ended and full U.S. military involvement is to sunset in 2014, leaving a fragile security situation and questions about the U.S. role. Read the Interview »

Time Is Not Yet Ripe to Reengage with Myanmar Military

Joshua Kurlantzick

Evidence of human rights and other military abuses suggest that the Obama administration should be cautious in deciding to restore full military links with Myanmar. Read More on Asia Unbound »

What's Behind the Reduction in U.S. Emissions?

Michael A. Levi

Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States are at a twenty-year low. Analysts are now debating the reasons for this decrease. Read more about this discussion on Energy, Security, and Climate »

What Do Corporations and Communities Owe Each Other?

Edward Alden

Corporations want a profitable location to do business; governments want a commitment from these corporations to the communities they represent. Read More on Renewing America »

The Case for More Oversight on U.S. Drones

Omar S. Bashir

Full transparency of the U.S. drone program is neither necessary nor ideal. Rather, the United States should aim to have better oversight, which would be consistent with democratic ideals and serve U.S. foreign policy objectives. Read More on »


The Signing of the Munich Agreement

James M. Lindsay

Signed September 30, 1938, the agreement, permitting Germany's annexation of Sudetenland, has become a classic example of the dangers of appeasement.  Read More on The Water’s Edge »

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September 29: China and Japan Mark 40th Anniversary of the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations
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October 5: September U.S. Jobs Report to Be Released
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