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October 12, 2012


Dimon: The United States Is Still the Best Economy in the World

Jamie Dimon

Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. said of the United States: "This is still the best economy in the world. If you can invest in one place in this planet, it would be here." Watch the Video »

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Speech

The Five Principles of Romney's Worldview

Micah Zenko

In his first foreign policy speech since July 24, Governor Mitt Romnney emphasized the five core principles that underlie his worldview. Read More on Politics, Power, and Preventive Action »

Can Romney Put Foreign Policy in Play?

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

The GOP candidate expanded on his foreign policy vision, but whether he can put the issue into play in the 2012 campaign is up for debate. Read more »

Romney's Foreign Policy Would Not Differ From Obama's

James M. Lindsay

The U.S. presidential election "doesn't present the American electorate with a stark foreign policy choice." Romney and Obama "are less stark alternatives than variations on a theme, and a basket of tough foreign policy problems awaits whoever wins on November 6." Read More on The Water's Edge »


Malala Yousafzai’s Shooting Highlights Girls’ Right to Education

Isobel Coleman

The Taliban's shooting of a 14 year-old Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai – an outspoken advocate for girls' education – is "a reminder of how prejudice, marginalization, poverty, and even outright terrorism threatens hundreds of millions of girls around the world in their pursuit of better lives." Read More on Democracy in Development »

Turkey-Syria Border Tensions Unlikely to Lead to War

Steven A. Cook

Although Turkey reserves the right to retaliate after a Syrian mortar attack on its territory killed five civilians, both countries have expressed their opposition to a wider conflict. Watch the Video »

The Case for IMF Quota Reform

At its annual meeting in Tokyo this week, IMF leaders failed to implement the governance and quota reforms agreed to in 2010. Four experts weigh in on whether the IMF's governing structure can be improved. Read the Expert Roundup »

Hugo Chavez's Formula for Victory

Shannon K. O'Neil

High voter turnout and increased government spending likely influenced the outcome of Venezuela's presidential election. This term will be the first in which Chavez faces an organized and confident opposition. Read More on Latin America's Moment »


What South Korea's Missile Guidelines Mean for North Korea

Scott A. Snyder

A new ballistic missile agreement with Washington expands South Korea's deterrent capacity, but the country must "prudently judge the regional security environment and international norms" if it is to avoid stoking tensions. Read More on Asia Unbound »

Oil Diplomacy Will Benefit Both Sudans

Alex de Waal

A recent agremeent between Sudan and South Sudan to restart oil exports is likely to improve the economies of both countries, while paving the way for future negotiations over land disputes. Read the Interview »

China's Legal System Still Has a Ways to Go

Jerome A. Cohen

China's legal system is more formalized and better functioning than many realize. Still , given the Communist Party's lock on judicial power, there is little doubt that "politics is in command" in China. Read More on »

College Tuition's "Return on Investment" is Dwindling

Georgia's HOPE scholarship has cut college tuition costs for qualified in-state students, but with increases in enrollment and tuition expenses, both the program and return on investment for college tuition are shrinking. Read More on Renewing America »

The U.S. Response to Chinese Cyber Espionage

Adam Segal

A House Select Committee on Intelligence report advances a coherent response to cyber espionage, but misses an opportunity to develop a definitive foreign policy. Read More on Asia Unbound »


October 16: Presidential Debate on Domestic and Foreign Policy, Hempstead, New York
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October 18: United Nations Security Council to Hold Elections for Five Non-Permanent Seats
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October 20: First Anniversary of the Death of Libyan Leader Colonel Muammar Qaddafi
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