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November 1, 2012

CFR’s Third Annual Back-to-School Event Features Debate on Iran

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Matthew H. Kroenig, Gideon Rose, and Trita Parsi (L-R) open the debate on Iran.


On October 12, CFR and Foreign Affairs hosted the third annual Back-to-School Event at CFR's New York headquarters. The event, which included an introduction to CFR's online resources, the announcement of the winner of the Foreign Affairs student essay contest, and a networking reception, drew together two-hundred-and forty undergraduates, graduate students, and professors. Matthew H. Kroenig, assistant professor of government at Georgetown University, and Trita Parsi, founder and president of the National Iranian American Council, debated whether an outside power should launch a preemptive attack to halt Iran's nuclear program. The lively debate was moderated by Gideon Rose, editor and Peter G. Peterson chair of Foreign Affairs. Watch the Debate


Global Governance Structures Passed the Test

This CFR International Institutions and Global Governance Working Paper by Daniel W. Drezner, professor of international politics at Tufts University, states that while the 2008 financial crisis posed the biggest challenge to the international economy since the Great Depression, the response of global economic governance structures was effective. Supplement your syllabus with the paper, which includes charts illustrating the successful policy outcomes. Download the Working Paper »

Making the Case for a Global Trust for Rule of Law

In this Policy Innovation Memorandum, Mark P. Lagon, adjunct senior fellow for human rights, argues that establishing a Global Trust for Rule of Law would build developing nations' capacity to give all people meaningful access to justice. Ask students to write a memo in support of or in opposition to this proposition. Read the Memorandum »

What Will Be the Top Global Hot Spots in 2013?

Each year, CFR's Center for Preventive Action asks a group of experts to rank a list of violent threats in order of their importance to U.S. national security interests. This year, students and professors can contribute to that list by sharing the international conflicts they are most worried about breaking out or escalating in the coming year. Learn more and weigh in here.

In the Classroom: Eve Sandberg

Eve Sandberg, chair of the Politics Department at Oberlin College, uses James M. Lindsay's blog The Water's Edge in her "U.S. Foreign Policy Making" course. The course focuses on theories of how U.S. foreign policy is made and the various arenas of foreign policymaking. Dr. Lindsay's blog helps her and her students keep an eye on the important empirical material that is unfolding every day. Professor Sandberg uses the blog to "prime the pump" for classroom discussion and says "the class appreciates the opportunity to visit the blog and receive timely updates from a knowledgeable expert."


Three Things to Know About the EU's Nobel Peace Prize

In this video clip, CFR's Charles A. Kupchan highlights three things to consider about European integration and comments on the EU receiving the Nobel Prize in the midst of fiscal crisis. Show the video in class and ask students to share their thoughts on how the prize will affect the EU. Watch the Video »

Backgrounder: The Eurozone in Crisis

Share this comprehensive CFR Backgrounder with students to help them better understand the complexity of the financial and political crisis in the Eurozone. Explore the Backgrounder »


Encryption, Not Restriction

In this op-ed, CFR Fellow Richard Falkenrath and Paul Rosenzweig debate the pros and cons of data encryption and storage in the virtual cloud. Poll students on how they store and back up their own files and have them debate the best strategy for keeping government data safe. Read the Op-Ed »

Cybersecurity in Asia

Follow CFR Asia experts' analysis on emerging cybersecurity issues in China, India, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Ask students to pick one of the countries highlighted in the blog posts and profile its cybersecurity policy, including what it could mean for relations with the United States. Join the Conversation »


The links below allow you special access to subscribers-only articles from Foreign Affairs.

"America the Undertaxed"

Andrea Louise Campbell, professor of political science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, writes that the United States has very low taxes compared with other developed countries and that the U.S. government could raise taxes without crippling growth. Disseminate the essay in class and have students work in groups to create presentations comparing the U.S. tax code with the tax code of another developed nation.

"The Other Russia"

Anti-Putin protests in Moscow have captured the world's attention. Mikhail Dmitriev, president of the Moscow-based Center for Strategic Research, and Daniel Treisman, professor of political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, further explore the phenomenon to see whether these sentiments are felt around the entire country. Use this article to supplement a classroom discussion on social movements and how they spread through societies.



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