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November 2012

November 2012

Thailand's Secessionist Muslim Insurgency Escalates

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Thai Muslim children pray in the Southern province of Yala. (Courtesy Reuters)


CFR Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia Joshua Kurlantzick reports on the situation in Thailand's deep south where an insurgency by "local Muslim militants who want a separate state and the Buddhist-dominated Thai army and paramilitary forces has raged for over a decade now." In this article, Kurlantzick explores the roots of the insurgency, prospects for peace, and why this deadly conflict remains largely ignored by the international media.

Join CFR and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in Chicago, November 16

CFR, in partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, invites you to attend a discussion on "The Role of Religion in Foreign Policy," in Chicago on Friday, November 16, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. For details on the event and to register, please go to

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New CFR Timeline: Holding Leaders Accountable

Since 1945, many political figures have been brought before domestic and international courts to answer to charges including genocide, corruption, and crimes against humanity. This new interactive CFR timeline, looks at decades of global efforts to hold these leaders accountable. Follow the Timeline »

Breaking the U.S.-Mideast Impasse

In a special interview, CFR Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies Rob Danin exhorts President Obama to schedule a trip to the Middle East in the near future, as it would signal a renewed commitment to helping resolve the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Read more »

Book Review: In God's Shadow

Over the centuries, diverse political movements have claimed the Hebrew Bible as their guide. In his new book, In God's Shadow, philosopher Michael Walzer argues that the Bible should be read as a text on how to run a society. Read the Foreign Affairs Review »