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November 2012

November 2012

Hurricane Sandy: A Wakeup Call

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Hurricane Sandy and recovery efforts in its aftermath have rekindled a national debate on climate change. In this video clip, CFR Fellow Michael A. Levi highlights three policy takeaways from the storm: the importance of reducing vulnerability to natural disasters, how to minimize risks by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and the need for increased global cooperation on climate change.

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CFR New Fellowship Opportunities

The Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) Fellowship Program offers unique opportunities for mid-career professionals interested in pursuing proposed research and broadening their perspectives on international issues affecting the priorities and agendas of state and local governments. Click here to learn more about the program, fellowship opportunities, and application process.

Transition 2012

CFR is excited to introduce its new Transition 2012 project, which replaces the Candidates and the World blog and examines the foreign policy dimensions of the presidential transition. Features include ongoing commentary on the "fiscal cliff" deadline, international reactions to Obama's win, congressional updates, and analysis of the second-term challenges facing the president. Explore Transition 2012 »

The New Face of Energy Insecurity

CFR's Blake Clayton holds that cyber attacks on oil and gas operations, like the one in August that devastated Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco, are the new face of energy insecurity. Clayton argues that these attacks have the potential to cripple global energy prices and inflict substantial damage on the U.S. economy.

Read more to learn about how the United States may have narrowly averted a disaster when Aramco was hit and why this attack signals a departure from traditional cyber espionage.

Depolarizing Congress

Contributing to CFR's Renewing America blog, Steven J. Markovich examines Congress' polarization problem and the claim that gerrymandering is to blame. Visit the Renewing America blog »