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December 14, 2012


What Should U.S. Policy Be in Syria?

Max Boot, Brian Fishman, Ed Husain, and Andrew Tabler

Four experts discuss options for addressing the crisis in Syria. Suggestions range from providing non-lethal aid to rebels to enforcing a no-fly zone. Read the Expert Roundup »

North Korean Satellite Launch Requires a Unified Response

Scott A. Snyder

For years, North Korea's nuclear push has been a catalyst for regional cooperation among northeast Asian states. Its satellite launch this week poses a common security threat to the U.S., Japan, South Korea and China, and should galvanize them to cooperate despite strained relations. Read More on Asia Unbound »

The Eurozone Crisis

Slouching Toward a Banking Union

Robert Kahn

EU leaders at this week's summit are expected to advance a banking union that is crucial to restoring confidence in the eurozone, but its full implementation is a long way off. Read the Interview »

Japan Should Scare the Eurozone

Sebastian Mallaby

Four years after the start of the eurozone crisis, the EU's approach has been frighteningly similar to Japan's failed response to its economic crisis in the 1990s. Read the Op-Ed »

Crisis in Euroland: Year in Review

The EU has taken steps to rein in the debt crisis and facilitate greater fiscal integration. But, many eurozone states still face the challenge of implementing the economic and labor reforms necessary to make their economies more competitive, while reducing their debt and deficit burdens. Read more »


Wal-Mart CEO on The Responsibility to Lead

Mike Duke

Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke discusses the fiscal cliff, factory standards and the recent fire in Bangladesh, women's economic empowerment, and other issues. Watch the Discussion »

New Human Rights Bill Angers Russia

Stephen Sestanovich

The passage of a new U.S. trade bill that takes aim at Russia's human rights record could complicate the Obama administration's efforts to improve U.S-Russia relations. Read the Interview »


An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

CFR's James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon discuss Japan's parliamentary "snap elections"; presidential elections in South Korea; Egypt's constitutional referendum; and the Electoral College's vote on the U.S. president and vice president. Listen to the Podcast »

Refocusing U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation

Shannon K. O'Neil

In 2007, there were more than 2,000 drug-related homicides per year in Mexico; by 2011, the number of homicides had escalated to more than 16,000. The inauguration of Mexico's new president is an opportunity for the United States and Mexico to re-adjust their joint security strategy. Read the Policy Innovation Memorandum »

North Korea More Integrated a Year After Kim Jong-il

Scott A. Snyder

Partial integration with neighbors is replacing isolation in North Korea, according to the editors of a new book that provides analysis and commentary from leading experts, North Korea in Transition: Politics, Economy, and Society.

Xi Jinping’s Three Steps to Reduce Corruption

Elizabeth C. Economy

Previous efforts to combat corruption in China have been inadequate. The new chief of China's Communist party has taken steps to tackle the problem, including small-scale democratic reforms and the use of the Internet to help "netizens" ferret out and expose official corruption. . Read More on Asia Unbound »

The Future of Special Operations

Linda Robinson

U.S. policymakers and commanders focus too much on dramatic raids and high-tech drone strikes. Special Operations should focus on the more important task of training foreign troops. Read More on »

The Middle East's Growing Appetite for Oil

Blake Clayton

For decades, the Middle East has supplied oil to the United States, Europe, and China. But now the Middle East's growing appetite for its own oil is limiting the amount it can export and posing a steep challenge to the rest of the world. Read More on Energy, Security, and Climate »

Oklahoma Maps Out a Prosperous Future

A city's livability is critical to attracting investment that brings coveted jobs. Oklahoma City's Metropolitan Area Projects Series, has proven effective in revitalizing the city. Read More on Renewing America »


December 17: First Anniversary of the Death of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il
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December 19: Presidential Election, South Korea
CFR Resources on: South Korea »

December 19 - 20: World Trade Organization General Council to Meet, Geneva
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CFR's Reza Aslan will receive the Levantine Cultural Center's Media Award recognizing his work to bridge political and religious divides between Americans and the Middle East.

New Expert Blog: Macro and Markets

Robert Kahn, CFR's Steven A. Tananbaum senior fellow for international economics, has launched a new blog examining the forces influencing the global economy, macroeconomic policies, and financial markets. This week, he assesses the Federal Reserve's decision to introduce quantitative thresholds. Read the Blog


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