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From the Maurice R. Greenberg<br>Center for Geoeconomic Studies

December 2012

The Cliff Is Dead, Long Live the Cliff

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The U.S. Congress's last-minute passage of a deal to avert the fiscal cliff may have pulled the U.S. economy back from the brink, but CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn gives the legislation a grade of incomplete. In his Macro and Markets blog post, Kahn writes that the fiscal cliff deal does not do much to resolve fiscal policy uncertainty as showdowns over the debt ceiling and an expiring government funding resolution remain on the horizon. Read the Post »


Politics of Energy

The Surprising Sources of Oil’s Influence

Drawing on lessons from a Council on Foreign Relations workshop, CFR Fellow Blake Clayton and CFR Senior Fellow Michael A. Levi argue in the December-January issue of Survival that the oil trade is politically consequential in many cases simply because policymakers believe that it is. Read the Article »

The False Promise of Energy Independence

In a New York Times op-ed, CFR Senior Fellow Michael A. Levi warns that the benefits of the oil and gas boom may lull U.S. political leaders into a false sense of security about the country's economic and political vulnerabilities. Read the Op-Ed »

Eurozone Struggles

Japan Should Scare the Eurozone

CFR Senior Fellow Sebastian Mallaby argues in his Financial Times column that Europe's future is looking frighteningly like Japan's past. Read the Column »

Slouching Toward a Banking Union

Looking back on the efforts of EU leaders in 2012, CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn says in interview that implementation of a full banking union in Europe is a long way off. Read the Interview »

Falling BRICs

Labor Data Show That China Is a Bubble Waiting to Burst

In a post on the Geo-Graphics blog, CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil and CFR Analyst Dinah Walker show why Chinese labor data suggests a growth bubble ready to burst. Read the Blog Post »

Beware Membership of This Elite Club

In his Financial Times column, Sebastian Mallaby argues that microeconomic struggles are tarnishing the macroeconomic success of the BRICs. Read the Column »

You Are Invited

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