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December 2013

Trading Up in a Global Marketplace

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The U.S. economy still has a long way to go toward realizing the full benefits of open trade and investment, according to a new Progress Report and Scorecard from CFR's Renewing America initiative. Writing on the initative's blog, CFR Senior Fellow Edward Alden notes that the biggest trade barriers exist in areas where the United States is the most competitive—like business services—but the Obama administration is now negotiating major trade agreements that could remove some of those barriers and generate stronger U.S. economic growth. View the scorecard » / Read the blog post »


Looking Ahead

What the Global Economy Can Expect in 2014

CFR Distinguished Visiting Fellow A. Michael Spence and CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn join a panel of economic experts convened by to identify the top trends likely to shape the global economy next year as the United States and Europe try to get back on their feet while China, Latin America, and other developing economies seek to build on past growth. Read the article »

Six Hot Markets to Watch

In the January/February issue of Foreign Affairs, Editor Gideon Rose and Managing Editor Jonathan Tepperman survey six countries and regions whose combination of size, recent performance, and economic potential will make them particularly attractive to investors over the next five years. Read the article »

It's Not Over

The European Union Must Embrace Deeper Integration

In an op-ed for the German Times, CFR Senior Fellow Charles A. Kupchan and CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn argue that the European Union must make accelerated moves toward fiscal and banking union or be relegated to the sidelines as the geopolitical order enters a phase of sweeping change. Read the op-ed »

Beware of Greeks Bearing Primary Budget Surpluses

Although Greece's recent turn into primary budget surplus would seem to be good news for its creditors, CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil and CFR Analyst Dinah Walker show in a post on the Geo-Graphics blog that having this kind of budget surplus makes a country more, not less, likely to default within a year. Read the blog post »

Managing the Market

New Zealand Stops a Housing Bubble

In his column for Bloomberg View, CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Peter R. Orszag argues that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's limits on high loan-to-value mortgages are a model for the kind of actions the U.S. Federal Reserve could have taken to manage the U.S. mortgage market and reduce the risks that the housing bubble posed to the financial system. Read the column »

How Fed Policy Roils Emerging Markets

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed coauthored with CFR Analyst Dinah Walker, CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil maintains that the clear lesson for countries whipsawed by the U.S. Federal Reserve's unconventional monetary policy is to pursue policies that the United States would consider "currency manipulation," thereby setting the stage for rising global trade tensions. Read the op-ed »

The "Oil Abundance" Narrative Is Wrong

CFR Senior Fellow Michael Levi argues in an Energy, Security, and Climate blog post that the volume and price of oil imports indicate the United States is still heavily reliant on foreign oil, despite the boom in U.S. oil production. Read the blog post »



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