Council on Foreign Relations Publications Quarterly
Spring 2014

Egypt's Solvency Crisis

Contingency Planning Memorandum

Egypt's Solvency CrisisSenior Fellow Steven A. Cook outlines the risk factors and warning signs of a solvency crisis in Egypt in this Contingency Planning Memorandum and offers policy options to prevent such a crisis or mitigate its consequences. Read more and download »

Dangerous Space Incidents

Contingency Planning Memorandum

Dangerous Space IncidentsDangerous incidents in outer space pose an increasing threat to U.S. assets and risk escalating into militarized crises. Douglas Dillon Fellow Micah Zenko details how the Obama administration could reduce the likelihood of such crises, or mitigate their consequences should they occur. Read more and download »

Standard Deductions: U.S. Corporate Tax Policy

Renewing America Progress Report and Scorecard

Progress Report and ScorecardThe way the United States taxes its corporations is outdated. This scorecard infographic and accompanying progress report, "Standard Deductions: U.S. Corporate Tax Policy," identifies problems with current corporate tax policy and offers recommendations for reform. Read more and download »

Restoring Financial Stability in the Eurozone: Lessons From the U.S. Financial Crisis

Policy Innovation Memorandum

By All Means NecessarySenior Fellow Benn Steil and Analyst Dinah Walker argue that the European Central Bank's stress tests will roil rather than calm markets if recapitalization funds are not set aside in advance, as they were in the case of the highly successful U.S. tests in 2009. Read more and download »

Promoting Human Rights in Iran

Policy Innovation Memorandum

Preventive Priorities SurveyAs the United States and other countries focus on Iran's nuclear ambitions, it is easy to ignore the fact that Iran is also one of the world's worst human rights violators. Senior Fellow Ray Takeyh argues that it is necessary for the United States to emphasize human rights issues during discussions of a nuclear agreement with Iran. Read more and download »

Countering Terrorism: An Institution-Building Approach for Yemen

Policy Innovation Memorandum

Afghanistan After the DrawdownNational Intelligence Fellow Charles E. Berger argues that the United States should fund the establishment of a permanent terrorist rehabilitation institution in Yemen, providing a critical counterterrorism partner with a needed strategic capability to counter al-Qaeda and forming the cornerstone of a strengthened intelligence-sharing relationship. Read more and download »

Infrastructure Finance in America—How We Get Smarter

Policy Innovation Memorandum

Reorienting U.S. Pakistan StrategyTo advise state and local government on how best to use private investment and build more critical infrastructure in a cost-effective way, Senior Fellow Heidi Crebo-Rediker recommends the federal government create a new advisory unit within the Treasury Department called "Infrastructure USA."
Read more and download »

Implications of Reduced Oil Imports for the U.S. Trade Deficit

Energy Report

Trade Scorecard and InfographicRobert Lawrence argues that benefits from declining oil imports for the long-term U.S. trade deficit have been overstated. Though falling imports could have significant short-term effects, any improvement in the oil trade balance is likely to be offset by deterioration in other parts of the U.S. trade balance.
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High Stakes for Young Lives: Examining Strategies to Stop Child Marriage

Working Paper

Child MarriageDespite the growing attention on child marriage among policymakers, a solid understanding about what works to combat the practice remains elusive. Senior Fellow Gayle Tzemach Lemmon and Research Associate Lynn S. ElHarake identify the drivers of child marriage and the factors that can curb it. Read more and download »

The Global Fund's China Legacy

Working Paper

Israeli-Palestinian NegotiationsSenior Fellow Yanzhong Huang and Jia Ping, chief executive director of the Health Governance Initiative, argue that a decade of the Global Fund's presence in China has left behind a mixed legacy, highlighting the complexities of global health governance.
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