Council on Foreign Relations Publications Quarterly
Summer 2014

Limiting Armed Drone Proliferation

Council Special Report

Limiting Armed Drone ProliferationArmed drones are unique in their ability to destabilize relations and intensify conflict, say CFR Douglas Dillon Fellow Micah Zenko and Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow Sarah Kreps. This Council Special Report recommends placing clear limits on the sale and use of armed drones to curb proliferation and strengthen global norms. Read more and download »

Bringing India Inside the Asian Trade Tent

Policy Innovation Memorandum

Bringing India Inside the Asian Trade TentEconomic ties between the United States and India have soured recently, with both sides entrenched in acrimonious market-access complaints. CFR Senior Fellow Alyssa Ayres offers ideas to reestablish a constructive economic dialogue with India at just the time a new government takes charge in New Delhi. Read more and download »

Renewed Conflict in Lebanon

Contingency Planning Memorandum

Renewed Conflict in LebanonLebanon is at risk of renewed civil strife in the coming months, primarily as a result of the spillover effects of the Syrian civil war. Bolstering the resilience of Lebanon's state institutions and seeking to deescalate growing sectarian tensions will be essential to lessen the likelihood of renewed conflict. Read more and download »

Japan's New Politics and the U.S.-Japan Alliance


Japan's New PoliticsJapan's new era of alternating parties in power has revealed the growing importance of its domestic politics in shaping alliance cooperation. Senior Fellow Sheila A. Smith explores the recent history of U.S.-Japan relations. Read more and download »

Child Brides, Global Consequences

CFR Collection

Child MarriageChild marriage is damaging to global prosperity and stability, yet despite the urgency of the issue, there remains a significant lack of data on the subject. Senior Fellow Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discusses both the factors that contribute to and strategies that have proved effective against child marriage in this CFR collection. Read more and download »

Curtailing the U.S. Subsidy War

Policy Innovation Memorandum

Curtailing the Subsidy War

Each year, U.S. state and local governments waste tens of billions of taxpayer dollars competing to lure or retain business investment. Senior Fellow Edward Alden and Rebecca Strauss, associate director for Renewing America publications, lay out incremental steps for curbing the subsidy war. Read more and download ยป

Southeast Asia's Regression From Democracy and Its Implications

Working Paper

South Asia's Regression From DemocracySenior Fellow for Southeast Asia Joshua Kurlantzick details the region's startling democratic regression, assesses the reasons behind this recent stagnation, examines the role of the United States, and offers recommendations for policy options to help support the foundations of democracy in Southeast Asia.
Read more and download »

Women and Girls in the Afghanistan Transition

Working Paper

Women and Girls in the Afghanistan TransitionFellow for Women and Foreign Policy Catherine Powell recommends several policies that would allow the United States to help improve women's security and leadership opportunities in Afghanistan through diplomacy, defense, and development aid. Read more and download »

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