Alexandra E. Harney

International Affairs Fellow in Japan, Sponsored by Hitachi, Ltd. 2011-2012

Alexandra Harney is a visiting scholar at the University of Hong Kong and author of The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage (Penguin Press, 2008), named a best book of the year on globalization by Library Journal. A Japanese and Mandarin Chinese speaker, Ms. Harney is an associate fellow at the Asia Society and a regular commentator on NPR, BBC, Japan's Yomiuri TV, and other broadcasters. She is also a contributing editor at the Economics Intelligence Unit and a frequent contributor to publications including the New York Times, Slate, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Atlantic. Ms. Harney spent nearly a decade as a reporter and editor at the Financial Times and has testified before Congress about China's economy. Previously, she worked as an aide to Japanese politician Nakatani Gen. Ms. Harney is an Asia Society Asia 21 Fellow and a recipient of the Blakemore Freeman and Monbusho fellowships. She received her BA from Princeton University and is a term member at CFR.

During her fellowship tenure in Tokyo, Japan, Ms. Harney's research will focus on the forces driving Japan's foreign policy in the wake of the March 2011 tsunami and two decades of economic stagnation. Her work aims to build a deeper understanding of Japan's changing social and political landscape and the policy implications for the United States.