Lessons Learned: Nixon in China

February 15, 2012

Lessons Learned: Nixon in China
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from The Water's Edge

A new installment of “Lessons Learned” is now out. This week I discuss President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China from February 21-28, 1972, and examine what lessons it has for understanding international relations today.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like to know more about Nixon’s trip to China or the history of U.S.-China relations, check out these books:

Warren I. Cohen, America’s Response to China: A History of Sino-American Relations, 5th ed. (2010)

Margaret MacMillan, Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World. (2008)

James Mann, About Face: A History of America’s Curious Relationship with China, from Nixon to Clinton. (2000)

Patrick Tyler, A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China. (2000)

Yafeng Xia, Negotiating with the Enemy: U.S.-China Talks During the Cold War, 1949-1972. (2006)