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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda speaks during a news conference in Rukla, Lithuania, on February 9, 2022. Janis Laizans/Reuters

Podcast: How China Has Targeted Lithuania, and the Ramifications of This Economic Coercion

The latest on Sino-Lithuanian relations, and their global implications. Read More

Southeast Asia
What to Watch for at the Upcoming U.S.-ASEAN Summit
The U.S.-ASEAN Special Summit will likely revolve around several key themes.
Ukraine Response Deepens Japan-Europe Strategic Ties
In the months since Russia invaded Ukraine, Japan has deepened ties with Ukraine and its European neighbors.
Vietnam Caught Between the U.S. and Russia on Ukraine
Most Southeast Asian states are heavily conflicted about condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or going farther and joining international sanctions and other similar measures against the Kremlin.
  • Asia
    The Philippines Election: A Critical Moment for Philippine Democracy
    The Philippines’ upcoming presidential election is likely to bring to power the son of the country’s longtime dictator and may end Philippine democracy.
  • India
    Anju Srivastava: How to Revolutionize Farming in India
    In India, farmers own high-value land but cannot translate land into wealth. New models of agriculture and ethical entrepreneurship can fix this. 
  • Southeast Asia
    Russia’s Ties to Southeast Asia and How They Affect the Ukraine War: Part 3, Singapore and Vietnam
    The latest in our series on Southeast Asian relations with Russia looks at two important U.S. partners.
  • India
    Krithi Karanth: Can India Simultaneously Protect the Environment and Promote Development?
    India’s conservationists face increasing challenges as the country prioritizes economic growth over environmental protection.
  • Myanmar
    China's Support for Myanmar Further Shows the World Dividing into Autocracy versus Democracy
    China Doubles down in Myanmar with World Distracted by Ukraine.
  • India
    Karuna Nundy: India Has a Strong Constitution, but Its Democracy Is Weakening
    India’s constitution guarantees the rights to have a good life, vote, and speak freely, but these are not always respected, leading to an erosion of democracy.