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Employees work at the office of Modalku, an Indonesian financial technology (fintech) startup, in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 29, 2018. Beawiharta/Reuters

Why Indonesia’s Youth Hold the Key to its Tech Sector Progress

To capitalize on the promise of its burgeoning tech industry, Indonesia needs a greater focusing on developing the human talent that powers innovation and allows pioneering companies to grow. Read More

Southeast Asia
Indonesia Finally May Have Turned a Corner on COVID-19
The latest data is more positive in Indonesia's battle against COVID-19.
Europe’s Global Gateway Plans To Counter China, But Questions Remain
Europe is responding to China's Belt and Road Initiative, but it is unclear whether its alternative can succeed.
Southeast Asia
Could the AUKUS Deal Strengthen Deterrence Against China—And Yet Come at a Real Cost to Australia?
AUKUS represents the death knell for strategic ambiguity in Australian foreign policy.
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
    Trade Versus Subs: The Risky U.S. Tradeoff in the Asia-Pacific
    Which will matter more, a dozen more nuclear subs on the U.S. side of the ledger or a trade pact that could draw many of the world's largest economies ever-closer toward China?  
  • Southeast Asia
    Myanmar Is Collapsing, and Threatens Its Entire Neighborhood
    Myanmar's collapse poses a threat to countries across the region.
  • Southeast Asia
    What is the Influence of Chinese Media in West Africa?
    There is a disagreement between Ghanaian journalists and policymakers and their Nigerian counterparts over the perception of Chinese media sources.
  • China
    Why Letting Taiwan Change the Name of Its Office in the United States Is a Mistake
    The Biden administration should resist calls to rename Taiwan's office in the United States.
  • Southeast Asia
    Podcast: Mandira Bagwandeen on China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa
    As China’s Belt and Road Initiative has grown and adapted over the past decade, it often has made Africa the biggest target of its infrastructure projects and other BRI activities.
  • Japan
    The Prime Minister Has Left the Race
    On September 3, the prime minister visited LDP headquarters and announced he would withdraw from the race.
  • Southeast Asia
    Thailand Roiled by Violent Unrest and COVID-19 Decimation
    Amid a COVID-19 surge, Thailand's escalating protests are getting more dangerous.