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Cairo Protests

January 25, 2011

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Cairo - Well, today was the big day…January 25th…National Police Day…and Egypt’s Day of Rage.

It began for me at 230am when I was wandering back to my hotel from Bab el Luq. 

I found myself on Falaky Street near the Interior Ministry.  It was already flooded with police. 

Later this morning it was extremely quiet going through Midan Tahrir (Liberation Square).  Loads of Central Security Forces soldiers and two trucks with water canons atop waiting. 

My twitter feed began lighting up around noon.  Sporadic reports of protests on Ramses Street, clashes in front of the Lawyers Syndicate, and hundreds?, 1000s?, 10,000s? moving toward Tahrir Square.  I was atop the Marriott Hotel at the time looking downtown.  Traffic was moving well.  Still, Twitter was reporting lots of action downtown.  People are demanding change.  No reports of violence.

It seems that the protestors have planned many small protests of hundreds at a time to keep the police off balance.  Some may be linking up.

I am now headed toward AUC for a previously planned meeting for 20 CFR members. 

Drove through Mohandiseen and Giza.  Very quiet.

It’s still early….

Analysis later.

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