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Cyber Threats to Oil and Gas Supplies: How Much of a Worry Are They?

June 26, 2013

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What harm could a cyber attack do to oil and gas production? Could it cause a catastrophic if temporary loss in supplies, sending prices soaring?  Does it pose a serious threat to oil companies’ operations? Or is talk of a new age of cyber insecurity in oil and gas—which has been in the air ever since a virus destroyed some 30,000 Saudi Aramco computers—overblown?

Adam Segal, one of the country’s leading experts on cybersecurity and my colleague at the Council on Foreign Relations, and I published a short piece today that gets at exactly these questions. Our goal was to separate fact from fiction when it comes to all things cyber and fossil fuels. Many thanks to all of the experts whose knowledge we tapped as we researched the piece.

Check out our findings here.