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The Great Lakes Policy Forum

March 22, 2011

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The red box indicates the approximate boundaries of the Great Lakes region. Zoom in and out for a better look.

The Council on Foreign Relations Africa program is one of the sponsors of Search for Common Ground’s Great Lakes Policy Forum, a leading venue to discuss a range of policy issues related to the region. The upcoming March 24 meeting in Washington, DC—“Human Security in the DRC: Seeking Solutions from the Ground Up”—will bring together experts to address the ongoing physical and sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Panel members will include Susan Braden, Nita Evele, Judithe Registere, and Sandra Melon (moderator). They will seek to address the following questions:

1) Moving beyond the grim descriptions of human rights abuses, what is the role of civil society in protection, fostering stability and building peace?

2) What policy mechanisms are available in the short and long terms to address these critical issues at the national and international level?

The meeting is open to all, but comments are not for attribution. In order to register for the event, please follow the link here.