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U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during the seventy-sixth Session of the General Assembly at UN Headquarters in New York on September 21, 2021. Timothy A. Clary/Pool via Reuters

On International Treaties, the United States Refuses to Play Ball

In lists of state parties to globally significant treaties, the United States is often notably absent. Ratification hesitancy is a chronic impairment to international U.S. credibility and influence. Read More

Global Governance
Climate Change Is Putting the SDGs Further Out of Reach
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly hindered many countries' efforts to advance sustainable development. Unabated climate change, however, poses an even greater threat.
The United States and India: Multilaterally Abridged Allies
India’s desire to play a more significant role in global governance should not cause anxiety in the United States. While India won’t promote every U.S. priority, it won’t jeopardize U.S. core interests.
Climate Change
The Long-Awaited Climate Emergency Is Now
The most sobering message in the IPCC report is that we are on a course to transform the planet profoundly, even if we alter our ways.
  • Global Governance
    The G7’s B3W Infrastructure Plan Can’t Compete with China. That’s Not the Point.
    Regardless of its strategic intent, the Build Back Better World initiative could be a huge win for global welfare, sustainable development, and multilateralism.
  • Global Governance
    The UN Refugee Convention Is Under Pressure—and Showing Its Age
    Uneven national compliance, large-scale human displacement, and climate migration threaten the UN Refugee Convention. It needs to be updated or at least supplemented.
  • Space
    Colonizing Space Is Not the Solution to Our Problems on Earth
    The dawn of a new space age is upon us. It warrants taking a step back to ask more fundamental, long-term questions, namely: Just what is humanity hoping to accomplish in space?
  • Climate Change
    The EU's 'Fit for 55' Just Raised the Bar on Climate Policy
    When it comes to climate change diplomacy, the European Union is the world’s heavy hitter. But will the world follow its lead?
  • Global Governance
    Ending Modern Slavery Must Be Part of ‘Build Back Better’
    Turning the world’s pious words into concrete actions to end modern slavery will require focused attention from world leaders, generous resources from wealthy governments, and an end to impunity for perpetrators.
  • China
    Who Built That? Labor and the Belt and Road Initiative
    Highlighting the Belt and Road Initiative’s problematic labor practices, and pressing China to tighten regulations further, is an important step toward improving the human outcomes associated with BRI.
  • Diplomacy and International Institutions
    Biden and Johnson’s ‘New Atlantic Charter’ Has Big Shoes to Fill
    The New Atlantic Charter seeks to rally the West at a time of global crisis. Whether it has a similar, enduring influence is likely to depend more on domestic U.S. political developments than on global geopolitical trends.