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Maybe Disney doesn’t generate so much dark matter after all

June 12, 2006

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Check out today's Wall Street Journal story on Hong Kong Disneyland.  It doesn't seem to be living up to expectations.

Disney is making dozens of changes to make the experience more understandable to Chinese, many of whom have seemed more confused than amused during visits.

It seems that folks on the mainland aren't as willing to shell out for Disneyland's "intangibles" as some hoped:

Understanding Chinese visitors has been a problem for Disney. "People from the mainland don't show up with the embedded Disney software [in their heads] like at other parks," says Jay Rasulo, president of Disney's parks and resorts.

Hausmann and Sturzenegger probably should have found a better example.  Say Pepsi using its skill at intangibles to produce Pepsi concentrate in Ireland ... 

Just kidding on that one.   We know why Pepsi is in Ireland.  It is tied to Ireland's advantage a certain kind of "intangible" service, which has rather tangible results on the bottom line.

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