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Elliott Abrams discusses U.S. foreign policy, focusing on the Middle East and democracy and human rights.

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The Price of Oil and of Human Rights

The Biden administration is promoting greater oil exports by Iran and Venezuela, weighing oil prices more heavily than human rights in U.S. foreign policy. Read More

The Daily Interference in Israel's Internal Affairs
The Biden administration continues to interfere in Israel's internal debate over the role of the judiciary, most recently adding unfair criticism of how demonstrations are being handled by police.
U.S. Policy Toward Venezuela Takes a Body Blow
Biden administration policy toward Venezuela was based on negotiating regime political concessions in exchange for lifting sanctions. But repression is growing and the policy is failing.
Middle East and North Africa
The Missing U.S. Ambassadors in the Middle East
The United States may soon be without ambassadors in Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, the UAE, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan. 
  • Israel
    The Biden Administration Ends Support for Research in the West Bank
    The Biden administration decision to bar U.S. support for Israeli research institutions in the West Bank achieves nothing for Palestinians or for U.S. policy goals.
  • Israel
    The Netanyahu Invitation and West Bank Settlement Expansion
    By refusing to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the White House, the Biden administration is foolishly strengthening the very forces it most often criticizes in the Israeli government.