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Tune in for a Climate "Non-Debate" with Joe Romm

June 9, 2010

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I’m in LA for an all-day climate forum sponsored by Marketplace. The agenda looks great. The event will be streamed online.

I’m up at 11:30 AM PDT. Here’s their description:

Panel 2: Finding the Policy Path

Michael Levi, Council on Foreign Relations

Joe Romm, Center for American Progress

Moderator: Andrew Revkin, New York Times

Despite widespread agreement among policy advocates on the magnitude of the climate challenge, proponents are bitterly divided over the proper way forward — regulation and taxation in one corner; research, development and innovation in the other. Two of the policy world’s most outspoken voices come together to find where these two separate visions of future policy can agree.

I suspect that we agree on substantially more than this suggests, since we both seem to support both parts of that list. Should be interesting in any case. Then, it’s off to the UK this afternoon for a couple days of discussions about the international climate regime. Apologies for what will inevitably be a light blogging schedule.