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Turning the Tables on the Cap-and-Trade Skeptics

June 15, 2010

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Trevor Houser and I have a new piece up at Slate. We’ve used the new Chamber of Commerce Index of Energy Security Risk to evaluate the impact of the Kerry-Lieberman clean energy and climate legislation. Here’s our concluding graf:

"When Sens. Kerry and Lieberman introduced their bill last month, the chamber surprised many observers by announcing that it would carefully study the legislation before pronouncing judgment. It also laid down an important marker: "It will be critical," the group noted in a press release, "to determine how this bill will impact a broad range of industries as well as America’s energy security." The new index is not the only way to measure energy security risk. But if the chamber believes in its own system, it should stop warning of the dangers of cap-and-trade, and start touting the security benefits that Kerry-Lieberman would bring to America."

Take a look at the full thing here.