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August 6, 2013

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“On such a dark day, a red day, a black day, people wake up to something that never happened in Egyptian history. We have martyrs with the bullets of the Egyptian army.” –Gamal Abdel-Salam of the doctors’ syndicate at a press conference held in a field hospital

“The Egyptian people love the army, and there is no way that we could stand against them.” –Wael Ali, an Egyptian tour organizer

“I feel like Egypt is back. We had a disease, and we got rid of it.” –Ayman Abdel-Hakam, a criminal court judge

“For Egypt, democracy is chaos.” –Mohamed Abdel Fattah, 24, an advertising manager

“When I saw this, I was angry to the absolute maximum ... this is abnormal treatment from the army. It is too tough. This is the way to the edge of the mountain.” –Mohamed Shehab, 25, a medical student, said after clashes between the army and protesters

“[Sisi] doesn’t need to order or command us, all he needs to do is give us a wink with one eye, or even just flutter his eyelashes. This is a man adored by Egyptians. And if he wants to take four wives, we’re at his service.” –Ghada Sherif, a columnist for al-Masry al-Youm

“The danger we face because of the political situation and the coup is greater than the violence we face in marches.” –Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member Islam Tawfiq, 26

“Martyrs don’t die. Martyrs go to paradise.” –Muslim Brotherhood activist in Egypt

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