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Weekly Incidents of Violence in Nigeria

April 10, 2014

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The Nigeria Security Tracker (NST) project has developed a new infographic: “Weekly Incidents.” I anticipate publishing this new infographic weekly to show incidents of political violence on a more geographically precise and timely basis. It builds on the NST. The methodology and the definitions of the NST and “Weekly Incidents” are the same.

What is new about “Weekly Incidents?” The timeframe is weekly, rather than the NST’s monthly interval between updates. In addition, the “dots” are geo-located to the local government area (LGA), which allows for greater precision as to where the violence has actually occurred. The data upon which the “dots” are based, and the citations, appear by scrolling over them –the same as the NST.

Hence, “Weekly Incidents” is a supplement to the NST. It has a local and immediate focus rather than change over time.

“Weekly Incidents” for March 27 to April 3 illustrates starkly the number of LGA in the Middle Belt where violence took place. It also reflects the Abuja fire-fight on March 30 at the headquarters of the State Security Service probably involving Boko Haram.

The “Weekly Incidents” infographic is here and embedded below.