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Global Memos

These briefs are a feature of the Council of Councils initiative, gathering opinions from global experts on major international developments. For older versions, visit the Global Roundups archive.

Global Perspectives: G20 Leaders Summit

Dec 3, 2018

Council of Councils global perspectives roundups gather opinions from experts on major international developments. In this edition, members of five leading global think tanks sum up the outcomes of the G20 summit, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from November 30 to December 1. 

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How to Improve Aid to Pacific Island Nations

Oct 16, 2018

The geopolitical competition for influence among China and other powers appears to be heating up in the Pacific Island region. However, recent data from the Lowy Institute’s Pacific Aid Map finds that China’s aid pledges tend to be overstated. While the goal of the Pacific Aid Map is to make aid better in the region, it also helps to inject nuance into an intense public debate about aid.

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Healthier Together: Global Health Governance in the Era of SDGs

Jun 28, 2018

Global leaders have called for a greater commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, but in order to achieve them, reforms should be made to support enhanced global coordination. Any actions should aim toward increasing WHO financing, promoting systematic dialogue, and creating binding frameworks to collectively mitigate global health issues.

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Can the G7 Summit Succeed?

Jun 6, 2018

The G7 summit agenda would be ambitious even under normal conditions, and the circumstances surrounding the Charlevoix summit are far from normal. With a trade war brewing between the United States and other G7 members, the summit faces steep obstacles to success.

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The 2018 Summit of the Americas: A Lost Opportunity

Apr 23, 2018

The profoundly uninspiring 2018 Summit of the Americas should be seen as a wasted opportunity of epic proportions. More sophisticated regional cooperation in the realms of migration, surging violence and crime, drug trafficking, and democracy is crucial to help nations across the Western Hemisphere overcome the many domestic challenges they face.

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The Tortured Path of Global Migration Reforms

Feb 23, 2018

The Global Compact for Migration is hampered by an absence of leadership within the UN system and increasing polarization and nationalism around the world. Political buy-in, support, and a positive disposition among negotiating UN members are essential if the compact is to become a sustainable blueprint for migration.

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Ten Global Summits to Watch in 2018

Dec 21, 2017

The Trump administration’s approach to ten critical global summits in the year ahead will show whether its pullback from multilateralism in 2017 was an aberration or the start of a new normal.

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