• Asia
    CFR Fellows' Book Launch Series: Lost Decade—The U.S. Pivot to Asia and the Rise of Chinese Power
    Lost Decade is an essential guide for understanding the historic shift to Asia-centric geopolitics and its implications for the United States’ present and future. More than a decade on, Robert D. Blackwill and Richard Fontaine conclude that while the Pivot to Asia’s strategic logic is strong, Washington's failure to respond to China's rise represents one of the three greatest mistakes in U.S. foreign policy since WW II, along with the 1965 escalation in Vietnam and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. They examine the Pivot through various lenses: situating it historically in the context of U.S. global foreign policy, revealing the inside story of how it came about, assessing the effort thus far, identifying the ramifications in other regions (namely Europe and the Middle East), and proposing a path forward. As the international order becomes more unstable, Blackwill and Fontaine argue that it is imperative that policymakers fully understand what the Pivot to Asia aimed to achieve—and where it fell short—in order to muster the resources, alliances, and resolve to preserve an open order in Asia and the world. Crafting an effective policy for the region, they contend, is crucial for preserving American security, prosperity, and democratic values.  
  • Digital Policy
    Cyber Week in Review: June 14, 2024
    Apple to integrate OpenAI; Microsoft and Google to provide cybersecurity services to rural hospitals; Gang sentenced to prison in Zambia; U.S. tightens semiconductor sanctions on Russia; Microsoft's president testifies in Congress.
  • Israel
    How Much of a Threat Does Hamas Still Pose to Israel?
    Israel has made eliminating the threat from the Gaza-based militant group a central war aim, but it’s not entirely clear at what point that condition will be met.