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Their Future, Their Planet

November 7, 2022


Dear Educators,

This month, we’re delving into the most pressing challenge of our modern era—climate change.

Climate change can be tricky to teach. As leaders land in Cairo for the year’s biggest climate conference, COP27, it seems every headline is peppered with technical phrases, from “greenhouse gas emissions'' to “climate pledge.” We want our students to be able to understand the decisions their politicians are making about their future, but it’s hard to know where to start.

Fear not, CFR Education is here to help! Our team has put together a library of resources that address climate change from every angle. Whether your class is exploring the causes of global warming, the Paris Agreement, or how rising temperatures might affect their Starbucks order, we have something for you.

Continue on for reading resources, videos, graphics, and simulations about this pressing, global issue.

Climate change video still
Watch "What Are the Affects of Climate Change?" on YouTube

High School

Are you planning a lesson on how governments are addressing climate change?

Each country has approached climate policy differently. Use our learning resource, Climate Change Adaptations, to explore some ways countries are preparing for the effects of climate change. Or, teach your students about the history of international climate action with The Paris Agreement. And before you assign the latter, check out the supporting teaching resources:

Is your class exploring how foreign policy and climate action intersect?

Climate change is one of many global problems that transcends borders. Have your students read The Greenhouse Effect to understand why greenhouse gas emissions in one country can be devastating for another. Then, use Reimagining Sovereignty in a Global Era to bring the point home with a video about how fires in the Amazon can be felt around the world. Then, have your students apply their understanding using our mini-simulation on deforestation and sovereignty.

Are your students wondering what global warming has to do with the Arctic Circle?

The northernmost region of the world, the Arctic Circle, has become a frontline for the effects of global warming. Use our learning resource, Why Scientists Are Watching Greenland, to unpack what happens when sea levels rise. After your students get a grasp on the fundamentals, use our learning resource, Global Warming Brings Competition to Arctic, and our mini-simulation on U.S. Arctic Policy to show them how this issue might affect foreign policy.

Higher Education

Is your class discussing the global implications of United States climate policy?

National climate policies can have a major impact on global progress against climate change. Facilitate a discussion in your classroom about policies that would cut U.S. emissions and the far-reaching consequences of those decisions with our simulation on Global Climate Policy. Or, if you only have a few minutes in your class schedule, try out our mini-simulation on tackling climate change amidst the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming Events

Join teachers from around the country in Model Diplomacy LIVE!

Are you interested in participating in a Model Diplomacy virtual simulation? Register to join us at a Model Diplomacy LIVE session to role-play as National Security Council members with your colleagues, experience how Model Diplomacy can be a fit for your social studies classroom, and have a little fun! 

November 9 - 7pm-8:30pm (EST) - Global Climate Change Policy
A major international climate summit approaches, and all eyes are on the United States.

December 14 - 7pm-8:30pm (EST) - Cyber Clash With China 
Tensions escalate between the United States and China as the Nasdaq Stock Market faces a devastating cyberattack possibly supported by the Chinese government.


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Till next time!
The CFR Education Team