CFR Staff

Jeffrey A. Reinke

Chief of Staff to the President

Jeffrey Reinke is chief of staff to the president, a position he has held since 2007. In this role he serves as an adviser to the CFR president, coordinates projects with senior management, oversees the executive office, and handles other responsibilities at the direction of the president. Since 2010 Mr. Reinke has also served as secretary of the corporation. As such he coordinates the meetings of the Council's Board of Directors, maintains the records of Council governance including the By-Laws, the minutes of Board meetings, and other related duties. He first joined the Council in 1994 and worked in the Corporate and Meetings programs before joining the CFR president's staff in 2001, where he launched the Special Projects program, which handles relations with Board and International Advisory Board members, works with major donors, and undertakes other initiatives for the CFR president. He holds a BSFS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and an MA in South Asia regional studies from the University of Pennsylvania.