9 Female Leaders Gaining Notice

September 16, 2019

9 Female Leaders Gaining Notice
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Shannon K. O’Neil, CFR vice president, deputy director of studies, and Nelson and David Rockefeller senior fellow for Latin America Studies, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss what the coronavirus pandemic means for international supply chains and trade. Read O’Neil’s article, “How to Pandemic-Proof Globalization: Redundancy, Not Reshoring, Is the Key to Supply Chain Security,” on ForeignAffairs.com.

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Although local communities decide where and how development occurs, the federal government pays for those decisions when disaster strikes. In the face of climate change, the federal government should insist on local risk reduction measures. 


At the outset of 2020, the conflict in Idlib province was emerging as the worst humanitarian crisis of Syria’s nine-year war. Now, the coronavirus pandemic has made relief efforts even more difficult.