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U.S.-China Economic Relations With Jay Shambaugh

In a C. Peter McColough Series event co-hosted by RealEcon and CFR's China Strategy Initiative, Treasury Under Secretary Jay Shambaugh discusses U.S.-China economic relations and concerns about Chinese overcapacity.

U.S.-China Economic Relations With Jay Shambaugh

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A regular series on the choices faced by international economic policymakers

The Unbearable Lightness of U.S. Trade Policy

U.S. policymakers are ignoring some of the negative trade-offs of current trade policy to the detriment of American global leadership.

A photovoltaic cell is shown at Elin Energys solar panel manufacturing facility.

Article by James Wallar


Making the China Tariffs More Effective

Article by Larry Greenwood

Inside Europe’s China Dilemma

Article by Liana Fix

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Mike on a panel with Gillian Tett and Ambassador Hillman

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