video modal

·         Use the already-created video modal, populated with RNH on Model Diplomacy (for the institutional statement on why it was a CFR priority to create it)

Pull-quote testimonials – we can use snippets from the JPSE review, the various “Teaching MD” interviews, the Collins quote – plen — test, test

Model Diplomacy case authors

Model Diplomacy case authors – this could be a way to highlight the CFR fellows who’ve written/contributed to the case studies, to showcase the expertise behind the content and also (conveniently) link back to the fellows’ work elsewhere the site

Learning outcomes –

Learning outcomes – we can briefly highlight these, leveraging existing language from the brochure and/or the Instructors Guide. [Obvs in a perfect world, there would be more of this on the MD product site. Unless/until there is, though, it’s just another thing that could go here, but it could also be left off or incorporated into the “About Model Diplomacy” section.]