Energy, Economics, and International Security

Project Experts

Jennifer M. Harris

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Michael A. Levi

David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies

About the Project

Energy has long been intimately connected with the global economy and international relations. But rapid changes in the energy landscape, the international economy, and world affairs are challenging many of the existing understandings of how energy influences the world. Jennifer Harris and Michael Levi lead the project on Energy, Economics, and International Security. Through research, commissioned papers, and intensive workshops, their contributions aim to better understand the economic and security consequences of changes to the supply, production, and trade of fossil fuels, and policy opportunities that result. Their current areas of interest include the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve, global oil and gas subsidies, and the operation of U.S.-based multinational oil companies. Future activities will continue to illuminate and clarify the relationships between energy, economics, and international security, with an eye toward insights that can inform pressing policy decisions.

This project is made possible through the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.