Europe's Perfect Storm

Project Expert

Philip H. Gordon

Mary and David Boies Senior Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy

About the Project

Europe has faced many challenges in recent decades, but never so many at once. The crises facing the continent now include coping with the repercussions of Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union; continued, long-term economic stagnation reflected in slow economic growth, high unemployment, and an incomplete solution to the eurozone crisis; massive refugee inflows that are draining budgets, testing political solidarity, and fueling extremism; rising radicalization among a poorly integrated Muslim population and a devastating rise in terrorist attacks; an absence of political leadership with leaders across the continent threatened by both the far right and the populist left, and a newly assertive Russia seeking to reassert its power and influence. Together, these challenges threaten stability, prosperity, and democracy across the continent and even the survival of the EU. I continue to follow these developments closely and to write about them in occasional essays and op-eds. Together with CFR Senior Fellow Robert Blackwill, I am running a Study Group on Transatlantic Relations throughout 2018-19.