Gender and Technology

Project Expert

Catherine Powell
Catherine Powell

Adjunct Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

About the Project

Building on the Women and Foreign Policy Program’s past work on the tools of technology (i.e., mobile banking, agricultural technology, and access to technology), the Project on Gender and Technology focuses on broader gender disparities that exist in internet connectivity, digital literacy, and coveted technology sector jobs, particularly in the developing world. Besides examining the implications of the “gig” economy for women, the project will make recommendations on ways to close the gendered digital divide, with a focus on strengthening women’s participation in the economy (such as by starting businesses with online platforms that assist with balancing work and family), political activism, cross-cultural dialogue, online education, and reporting crime (such as gender-based violence). The project examines these matters through meetings of the Women and Foreign Policy roundtable seriesWomen Around the World blog posts, and other CFR publications.

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