Geoeconomics and Statecraft

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Jennifer M. Harris
Jennifer M. Harris

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

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From Russia's coercive economic pressure against Ukraine to the steady sums of financing Gulf monarchies have extended to the current Egyptian government to the varied economic penalties China has imposed on nations in its neighborhood, an increasing number of states are waging geopolitics with capital. Many countries today are more likely to air disagreements with the foreign policies of other governments through trade restrictions, or the buying and selling of debt, than through military responses. Despite gaining utility elsewhere in the world, geoeconomic statecraft has diminished in American policymaking in recent decades, a shift insufficiently recognized by both economists and foreign policy strategists. Robert D. Blackwill and Jennifer Harris's work on the place of geoeconomics in U.S. foreign policy resulted in a book outlining what geoeconomics is, why it matters, and how the U.S. government can better utilize this national security tool.



In War by Other Means, Robert Blackwill and Jennifer Harris show that geoeconomic warfare requires a new vision of U.S. statecraft.