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Benn Steil

Senior Fellow and Director of International Economics

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International Finance


Published three times a year by Wiley, International Finance (IF) is a top scholarly journal edited by Director of International Economics Benn Steil that takes on the challenging, topical questions central bankers and treasury officials care about. In addition to its double-refereed articles, IF publishes extended book reviews and original commentary pieces by top current and former policymakers, such as Alan Greenspan. Free online access to one article in the most recent issue is always available on In the Winter 2018 issue, Niall Ferguson and Xiang Xu analyze why “Chimerica,” the economic intertwining of China and the United States, was destined for difficulty, and how policy innovations might salvage it. And with the Powell Fed revisiting the use of “forward guidance” in its communications, former Fed Governor Frederic Mishkin delivers a timely piece on the use of rules versus discretion in monetary policy.

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