Mitigating Drivers of Climate Migration in the Americas

Project Expert

Paul J. Angelo
Paul J. Angelo

Fellow for Latin America Studies

About the Project

Escalating climate change has resulted in more frequent extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and variable precipitation patterns across Latin America and the Caribbean. Today Central America, the Caribbean, and the Amazon Basin are among the regions of the world most vulnerable to climate change. It is disrupting traditional livelihoods, devastating national economies, and displacing people internally and across borders. Through meetings, articles, op-eds, and a CFR discussion paper, the project on "Mitigating Drivers of Climate Migration in the Americas" examines policy responses to help communities adapt to shifting weather and environmental conditions and to improve regional cooperation on managing migration caused by climate change.


Central America

This year, deteriorating economic and security conditions in the Northern Triangle, resulting in increased migration outflows from the region, was included as a top tier priority in CPA's annual Preventive Priorities Survey.